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April 1 st Verizon transferred to Frontier Internet, TV, On Demand, and voice or phone. I lost my Video on demand and $830.00 dollars of movies I purchased thru verizon. I lost my 75/75 internet speed connection. I have called 6 times since 1:00 am 4-1-2016 and talked to customer service agents, supervisors, and tech support. The standard answer is we are in transition and it should be up in 12 hours, 24 hours, and now they say 4 to five... Read more

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I have called frontier over and over again and they are not fixing this issue that I am having. I did a little research and it seems that a lot of people are having this issue. When I first got with frontier I did not have any issues with them and my internet did not drop or disconnect. I depend on the internet due to the fact I am a student, an online student at that. I am also a huge online gamer on my free time so with that being said I... Read more

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Frontier Communications - Frontier Try Being Honest
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To Frontier Communications, As a internet service provider across the United States of America, you lay claim to the largest rural provider of Internet, and Telecommunications. While you are quite content with bolstering your record with the occasional positive comment left on Facebook, this is where your customer interaction stops. This is not an attempt to belittle any single individual. I do not aim to cast doubt upon your subscribers, nor... Read more

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Had HORRIBLE service for the 3 years that I had the account. The two year contract for phone and internet service began on August 9th of 2009. In 2011, I looked to see when my cancellation date was, I saw that my phone account ended in February and my internet account ended in August. When I questioned customer service about it, they insisted I started the services on 2 different dates. Incorrect - I had moved into my home on August 8th,... Read more

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This review is in two parts - this first part is my letter to the CEO which to date has not been answered:Good Afternoon Mr. McCarthy I understand you are probably a very busy man and I generally do no take the route of contacting CEO’s of corporations. However, in this instance I can honestly say I have never been more frustrated with a company than I am with Frontier right now. I will first copy and paste and E mail to your company I sent... Read more

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Frontier Communications Customer Care Review
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Started in May 2nd 2016. Services intermittent. Called in spoke with Dana Smith. Was advices problem was with old equipment. I agreed to newer equipments and higher speeds. May 9th, no equipments. Called and email was advised that new equipment will arrive with technician. May 15th no technician and no equipment and no service. And so the saga begins. Calls, calls, more calls, started a call while I was in Miami, after multiple transfers and... Read more

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These guys are so unprepared for the change over, their website crashed, you cannot login as you need a pin and it says Verizon Customers: Your Verizon PIN cannot be used to verify your Frontier account. Please use the “Send me an Access Code” option to have an Access code sent to the email or contact phone number from your Verizon account." But there is no option to generate a Pin Number. Here is my conversation with their Online Chat: [Kyle]... Read more

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I cancelled my service in August but I am still being billed! Customer Service is like talking to a deaf dog. My entire previously purchased Fios library was never available despite repeated calls (that usually took over an hour to connect) to tech. support. So after 2.5 hours on the phone and live chat there are now 4 separate shut off orders even though Frontier shut it off 8/28. This company is corrupt and I'm not sure Verizon shouldn't be... Read more

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Like everyone else, I have had nothing but problems with my FIOS phone, internet and TV since Verizon forced us on Frontier. Simply the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I have called 3 times and been hung up on after waiting for 30 minutes to an hour. When I finally spoke to an agent, I could not understand him as his English was so poor. I finally got sick of his script he was reading from and asked to speak to a supervisor. ... Read more

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Bogus charges from Frontier Communications
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I signed up Aug 3 for basic cable for 3 TVs with one expansion level of channels (no movies), internet and landline phone - a triple play. The advertised price on their site for Texas is $79.99. My first bill for Aug and Sept services was $675. Let's start with installation. It took Frontier 4 visits to my home by 4 different technicians to get all of my services running. The original installation tech was only able to get 2 out of 3 TVs... Read more

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