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Frontier is sending me bills and payment requests over money that I don't owe. Calls to their listed numbers reveal account that was closed and no money due - but the notices keep coming. The notices are now signed Frontier National Collections Center. I called Frontier so many times, and nothing seems to stop them. I got their responses from the chat, I also contacted FBI, but nothing works. These crooks are really into ruining my credit. My... Read more

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April 1 st Verizon transferred to Frontier Internet, TV, On Demand, and voice or phone. I lost my Video on demand and $830.00 dollars of movies I purchased thru verizon. I lost my 75/75 internet speed connection. I have called 6 times since 1:00 am 4-1-2016 and talked to customer service agents, supervisors, and tech support. The standard answer is we are in transition and it should be up in 12 hours, 24 hours, and now they say 4 to five... Read more

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I to was forced to take Frontier, when Verizon sold off Florida. From day one, it has been nothing but problems, with billing and charges.Every single month I am on the phone with the disputing all the overcharges.Way too much to write about here.But, the last example is indicative of how incompetent or just outright dishonesty.On 12/21/16, after spending 45 minutes on the phone, i was told that I would begetting these discounts and promos.My... Read more

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Dec 2016- was offered by Frontier to upgrade Internet speed for $10 a month with absolutely No service contract renewal. Was told by a Frontier tech and a customer svc rep this upgrade would require No new service contract. I then agreed to upgrade since internet speed had been so bad since the takeover by Frontier. Internet was upgraded but speeds were still very poor so I called into Frontier complaining several times. Now I found out that my... Read more

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