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I recently moved about a month ago and switched my cable from spectrum to frontier because they had an amazing deal no contract that I found online. Keep in mind I haven’t even had them a month to date.

I proceeded to call the sales rep and read him off the ad that I saw, he asked what city and state I was in then proceeded to say it was available. Great, sign me up!

Took a couple days for them to install and not long after I realized that I am not getting ESPN as advertised by the bundle I was supposed to receive.

I called customer support and they bounced me around a bunch of times until I got a tech support who explained to me that it wasn’t in my package. Confused I argued and fought it for about a week between retentions, tech support and customer support.

They all argued me saying the package I signed up for didn’t include this. Luckily for me I had a screenshot of the deal online that I took on October 26th. Customer support said they stopped offering this package October 1st.

A few phone calls and days later a tech support explained to me he could lower my channels and give me a sports package where I would only be paying $1 more a month. And this package included ESPN. Exhausted with fighting anymore, I agreed. He assured nothing else would change and it would all still be bundled.

Come to find out this package actually only included ESPN classic in which I had to explain to retentions later that it’s in fact not the same as ESPN. And I was given a package I did not agree to. Not to mention, he promised everything would stay the same. It didn’t. And ruined my new customer bundle bumping up my bill. (Which was later fought and resolved)

After finally finding a supervisor in retentions that had an email I could send the picture of the ad to, I asked her to pull all my call transcripts so she could see that I wasn’t lying. She promised she’d be reviewing and giving me a call back. Didn’t happen.

I wasn’t getting anywhere and finally got in contact with the office of the president. He informed me that I was in contract and it would cost me $200 to cancel. I laughed and told him to also pull all my calls. See the mess I was dealing with and hopefully we could work something out. Because I should not be in ANY contract.

He called back about a week later and informed me that I would no longer have a termination fee but he can’t do anything as for giving me the bundle I signed up for, as they didn’t offer it anymore. And that because I’m not a new customer I would have to cancel and wait 30 days if I wanted a new promotion. I told him to just cancel everything. He did so without hesitation.

Ive done some research and see this terminology called “bait and switch” and I believe this is exactly that.

I’ve contacted the FCC and they contacted the office of the president who called me right before thanksgiving. I will be calling her back tomorrow.

All I want is for them to give me the bundle they advertised and I signed up for. Or for them to allow me to get one of their new promotions they are offering new customers.

Like I said, I didn’t have them even a couple days before I realized I had the wrong package and they were trying to scam me.

Located in Tampa, FL.

Will update review after my phone call tomorrow with another lady from Office of the President who spoke with the FCC.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

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I had a similar experience. The Frontier representative came to my door and gave me an estimate for an internet, phone, and one of their cheapest and most limited TV packages and then showed me a list of channels for their Prime HD package, a more expensive package.

I have not been able to get Frontier to admit that there was anything wrong with what they did. Future customers should just call and ask to speak to the Bait and Switch Department.


Wow, I am going thru the same shit2day.... I am a victim of a bait-and-switch thing for which I found online as well that was going to include 99 channels for the $55 a month without a contract and price of a guaranteed to stay the same for two years


Frontier is the worst! I had to file a Complaint with the BBB to put them in check.

I received a call back from an executive who also wouldnt budge on their bad service decision. Stay away from this company!!


Yes, spoke with someone else yesterday. Because my account cancelled yesterday she claimed there was nothing she could do.

I have since filed to the BBB as well and now they’re calling me again today. It’s Comical!