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I cancelled all services two days into the start of the following months billing period (including 4 days of power failure) and received a bill for a full month. Calls were made with no satisfaction. I ended up getting a threatening letter.

I am contacting all agencies involved to complain about this company that tries to extort money from their (former) customers

User's recommendation: DO NOT become a customer!!

Location: Canton, Connecticut

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Hello PissedConsumer2210066, I'm sorry to hear that you have closed your account, and I apologize if there was any miscommunication at the time you disconnected. The final bill does not prorate, so if you did cancel a few days into a billing cycle, the entire remainder of that month's billing cycle is valid.

If you have any other questions about your account or bill, please contact us directly.

We have support available 24/7 via Facebook (http://m.me/frontiercorp) and via the message option on our Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/askfrontier). -Christina

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