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April 1 st Verizon transferred to Frontier Internet, TV, On Demand, and voice or phone.

I lost my Video on demand and $830.00 dollars of movies I purchased thru verizon. I lost my 75/75 internet speed connection. I have called 6 times since 1:00 am 4-1-2016 and talked to customer service agents, supervisors, and tech support. The standard answer is we are in transition and it should be up in 12 hours, 24 hours, and now they say 4 to five business days.

I had thru verizon 75 up and 75 down internet and now get 20 up and 28 down thru frontier. I lost over $830.00 of paid for movies and 42.00 of pre-orders.

I informed Frontier to credit my account and was told they cannot. I told frontier I wanted to cancel service and got hung up on 2 times. I was told by frontier that I would have to pay a $200.00 cancellation fee. I told them I was starting a class action suit and was hung up on again.

Contact: whitnyrussell@verizon.net if you wish to join class action sit and put in the subject line Frontier Verizon Class action so I can send to the lawyers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Bundle.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You're all going to lose. Forget the class action, it doesn't apply. Too many different issues and no proof of intent.


How do I get included in the lawsuit against frontier? I can't even put into words how mad I am right now.

I'm literally seething. chrissywoody9@gmail.com


I AM INTERESTED IN JOINING THE CLASS ACTION SUIT, I have hand nothing but trouble with the service and contacts with Frontier Communications. I have talked to 13 customer service representatives to resolve issues.

They only repeat false promises. I have been taking notes of dates and times of the conversations with them.

They have turned off my digital voice (land line), I pay phone bills on time every month. Eight months of pure *** They are not honoring the contract.

to Linda Duran #1573032

Wow same situation a d its frustrating

to Linda Duran #1631761

You called 13 times ? What a waste of your precious life.

Put it in writing and serve it via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. Stop squandering your time and complain properly.


I am also from WI and would like to be added as we never receive the speed we pay for and the internet is extremely unstable with it going off for days at a time!


How can they charge a late charge on top of an unpaid late charge? That was all I called about.

Pretty sure that's illegal. The agent I spoke with said she credited the late charge but she only credited the extra one...that she never mentioned was there


If there is a class-action lawsuit I would love to join also. Frontier lied to me and then have spent months lying to me I’m sick of it dejavu1800s@icloud.com


I am one of thousands in the Tampa area that are joining a class action lawsuit for defamation and breach of contract lawsuit against Frontier communications. They were involved in a strike and a customer service transfer problem at the same time I was moving.

Since I moved and employees were on strike and new ownership couldn't handle my transfer of service they sent my account into collections instead of transferring my service.

I have spent now thousands of dollars trying to reclaim my credit, my mortgage applications, and my time, and now attorney fees to try and correct this. Now I am at the point of spending every last penny I own to make Frontier pay for the fiasco.

to Scott Weeden #1425332

I’m in Wisconsin can I join?

This horrible company is a problem everywhere

to Scott Weeden #1631763

You will lose.


We NEVER receive the speed we pay for... Thats it in a nut shell 1.0-2.75up an.037 down an all their obligated to 3.75 both..

each time we call they place you on hold for 1-2 hours then hang up.. When we do reach some we then play the game. Please disconnect router multiple times then they ask what color lights... We end with a ticket for a service.

At this point the guy will call me normally the next day while I'm at work an say he cant do anything because I'm not in front of my computer or the lines are congested an all I can do is complain someday with enough complaints they may repair the lines. So sick of the run a round


I would also like to be added to a class action lawsuit against frontier. I didn't have a contract with Verizon when the took over and they dropped the internet speeds when they took over and I tried to leave them and they sent me a disconnect bill even thou they admitted I did not have an active contract with them.

Now it has gone to collections.. they keep me on hold for almost an hour then ask me to wait and eventually they hang up on me .

The collection service has no way of speaking to anyone , just a payment option. So angry with these crooks.


Frontier are the bottom-feeders, the worst of the worst.

Houston, Texas, United States #1354320

I hope Frontier burns in heIl

to Anonymous #1631765

That's what will happen to you for wishing that upon someone else. You're casting the innocent in with the guilty.

La Mirada, California, United States #1353915

How do we sign up for class action law suit?

I've seen that people want to and/or have, filed one, though I can't find info on how to add my name. Thank you!

(Can't stand the service!)

Seattle, Washington, United States #1352299

This place is run by a bunch of liberal Democrats, what more can you expect from morons?

to Anonymous #1361401

Wow, the uneducated just talk and talk like their leader

to Anonymous #1620481

About as much as we can expect from people like you.

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