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I try to solve my problem with my Verizon I did change my service in January for only basic channel and internet and they told me is cost me $116 dollars. so last month I was traveling I send $120 for cover my bill.

I never get my bill, And I never get my bill for march also so I called them and I talk to a guy Jesse, he told me I own $190 because my monthly fee is 116+tax = 151 plus I have a late fee and the rest of the payment from February, I never get any phone calls or Email or paper bills for two months to let me know how much my bill. I talk to this guy he said he don't care if I leave after 10 years And I was lying. I ask him to Email me my bill he don't even answer never get my bill. All another representative really nice and try to help you.

Jesse told me he is a supervisor and don't care what is my problem. I think I deserve the credit since I call them and Find out my monthly bill should be $116

User's recommendation: Be careful with Frontier don't talk to Jesse he tell you something and not sending a bill just to collect late fee and he do not want you to find out how much your bill is, because he lying to you, I don't think Jesse deserve to work for this company.

Location: Hudson, Florida

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Hello PissedConsumer1826315, I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with your bill. It sounds like you may be opted into paperless billing.

You can always access copies of your statements via your online bill pay account; you can opt back into paper bills there as well. If you need any assistance at all, we can take a look into your account and bill.

To get started, please message us directly via Facebook ( or via the message option on our Twitter profile ( -Christina

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