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well here goes another run around and line of *** from frontier /called back in dec that my net was kicking out every night about 5 pm would do this for hour or so on an off service call moved me in the span box ok let go for a few days started problem again next service call week later tech tells me i am to far out and frontier turned up y speeds thats why your net keep going out at 5 pm so he tells me i turned your speed down so it wont kick out /now i cant even watch a 180p vid / call in again now it is my plan i need to get next one up [when thy cant even give what i got l now /i am told i am grandfathered and if i ordered it today whey would not even sell me a plan / gotta love it i understand i am way out and dont expect it to be the greatest all i want is what i had and to get that all they need to do is fix the lines that run ru thr trees i understand it is no fun to carry a ladder 50 yards tru the trees to fix a bad splice but i think that is there job / or are they paid to just to give excuses ?

User's recommendation: becareful they will feed you a line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Internet Service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Frontier Communications Pros: That i sometimes have internet.

Frontier Communications Cons: No loyalty to customers who have been with verizon frontier.

Location: 1315 Albert Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662

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Hello Mike, we can take a look into what is going on with your service. Distance from our network equipment does impact the speed available at your location, but if you are seeing abrupt changes after a repair, we need to review that.

Please message us directly via Facebook ( or via the message option on our Twitter profile ( for further assistance. -Christina

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