After filing my complaint, I was contacted within 3 days by one of Frontier's "special agents" (my term not theirs). He called me 3 times, and also gave me a direct number to reach them, avoiding all of usual inept customer service group.


My issue was resolved within 30 min. Apparently, having to deal with FCC is more work for them than I imagined.

Filing on-line is exceedingly simple, but you should be factual and explicit. https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us

If only a few percent of people affected by these problems would bother to file, it might benefit all rather than just us squeaky wheels.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Frontier Communications in MN is horrible. Customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced.

I have never had a conversation with them without being hung up on.

Never fails. People there are clueless and are never able to help whether it be in technical or billing...


My mom and dad has been a month without there phone and my dad has a bad heart and my mom is in oxygen all the time they are elderly and frontier does not seem to care or be in any big hurry my mom and dad pay there bill all the time and on time and they have had them for years


Frontier and Dish Network Services has lured me into a Business scam by false advertising!! I'm getting no justice and I need a lawyer!!


Can't seem to get someone to help me


I would rather stick needles in my eyes. They need to take heed to what happened to Spectrum in New York New York kick their butts out because of unreliability all they really want to do is collect money and they know that percentage-wise only a few percent of the people will complain but if enough people enough of the right people complain maybe they'll get kicked out as well which would be nicer restructured.




There telephone service sucks. My 87 & 89 year old parents live in Northern Wisconsin and are AGAIN without phone service.

Their service went out today, Sunday, and are being told it won’t be fixed until Thursday. What a bunch of crap.

They live back in the woods and don’t get cell phone service in the house. They have company coming up and need to have a phone!


Frontier is a rip off when you gave your service cancelled they continue billing you for another month and you have charges that they add on that were never discussed when getting service this company should be put out of business thousands and thousands of complaints are being filed against this company for ripping people off

to UnitedOcelot #1498097

frontier sucks. i hate them

to UnitedOcelot #1499281

This is happening to me right now!


I needed some wireing work inside my bussinness that I was told wouldn't have cost extra because the sales rep over the phone sighned the business for a plan. frontier still charged for the work that was done.


I did the same 20 months ago because they didn't honor an agreement with a sales rep over the phone. In my complaint I demanded they go through the taped conversation.

2 days after filing, I received a call from their executive offices and the problem was quickly resolved. Unfortunately, I am going to file another complaint because they unilaterally raised my rate even though I had a 2yr locked in rate. They cut me off and the rep basically said "too bad". Now I will get a rebate and demand they honor their agreement.

Frontier is the most dishonest cable company I've ever dealt with and I've been a customer of many.

I now consider my contract breached and will leave their company immediately. I can see why they've lost tens of thousands of customers and have lost billions in revenue.

to CJ #1533869

They did the same thing to me! Rep actually told me the can raise my rates to whatever they wanted to! They are Criminals!!!

to CJ #1535034

Did the same thing to me!

to CJ #1537101

I had the same problems as you got. Whom and where did you file your complaint? --By Carolyn Chang in Los Angeles


This worked for me as well. Within 3 days I received a call from the “office of the president” and all my issues were resolved.

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