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I worked for frontier and just letting you know our training is about 6 weeks and we are barely prepared. When we get on the phones that first phone call is a customer screaming over internet, cable, etc.

being so new into the customer service it does take us a minute to think over the yelling where we have multiple systems for thousands of situations. Trust me, we know you are frustrated, and some people will tell you something is fixed and not fix it because of your attitude. And the superviors?! They're were just representatives like me unless you were lucky to get a team lead.

So trust me talking to one will not help because they would have the same systems as us because they are on the same level as us, but I'm sure you've heard that before we had to say that. Next time you call frontier you could be someone's first call. This was our job we was working hard taking medicine to stop the headaches and trying to go home to our families and enjoy the peace and quiet. You have to understand we are people too we have feelings and emotions even if we can't show them over the phone.

You will have your fair share of rude people I agree, but please if you have an issue and call in, please make sure you have enough time for us to access the systems to resolve and please be patient and kind we truly try to work fast for you some things cannot be helped and they do take longer. When I worked there we were on watch and had to be on the phone 12 min or less or was wrote up. So believe me when I say we work fast depending on situation. We will be kind if you are kind to us.

Remember that next time you call frontier screaming hollaring and calling your rep that is going to resolve your issue every name in the book. Thank you.

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Great comment! I am always polite and patient on the phone. The lady I spoke to last fixed every issue and even credited me back for inconvenience!

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