Lynchburg, Virginia
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In August of 2017 I called Frontier (which was and had been our phone service for over thirty years! ) I wanted to know why my bill was different by $10.00 or more every month!

I also saw some strange charges I had not seen before! The rep told me that I was being charged for a line I never used, and btw was supposed to have been free.. and something else... but she could fix it for me, and my bill should be more consistent!

She would also credit back several months of the fax line I wasn’t supposed to be billed for. True to her word my bill lowered, and was more consistent... FAST FORWARD to July of 2018... we left NY and moved to Virginia...

and I paid my final bill... or so I thought.. Out of nowhere I get this bill for $220... when I called to find out wth it was..

I was told it was an early termination fee... when I asked early termination for what.. I only had their phone service and NEVER had a contract.... I was told that in Aug.

of 2017 I agreed to a special promotion, and could not terminate my service for two years...... When I said I had not agreed, and would never have agreed because I was moving in a year... That the bill was changed because of THEIR mistake, and I thought they had fixed it.... and that NOWHERE in the conversation had any of this ever been mentioned....

I told her (the supervisor) I wanted to hear the recording of me ever agreeing to this! Then she said.. notice of early termination was on your bills.... and I told her...

WHY would I ever look at that knowing I had NO contract and never had! She kept repeating herself.... and then finally said IS there something else I can help you with....

it took me three days to calm down! I filed a report with the Attorney General, but who knows how long that could take!

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Account.

Reason of review: Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $220.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Frontier Communications Cons: Teribble nightmare, Very bad customer service.

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Try filing a complaint with the FCC. I got results pretty quickly doing that.


Similar kind of thing happened to me did you ever get satisfaction.