Ottawa, Ontario
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Why do you keep playing the penguin commercial that cost a dollar fifty to make and the keyboard cat commercial over and over and over again you're driving people crazy is not right. You guys are idiots.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Does anyone at Frontier review their commericals before putting them out to the public? They are terrible, especially the guitar playing "person" singing about the coffee shop.

I change the channel every time they are shown. However much they are paying for them, they should ask for a refund.


Have had enough of it. We are switching to Diect TV.


My TV is off until late they remove those commercials.......I should take this as a sign to cancel my account.


I work from home and have my TV on all day. I like to catch up on the news first thing in the morning, flipping between different networks for different views.

I agree about those commercials. After a couple of hours of muting the TV or switching channels (every time they come on), I switch to TCM or one of the music channels (no commericals). What Frontier doesn't realize is that they are losing viewership of ALL of their advertising when people switch off like I do. No wonder streaming is so popular, too.

(Amazon, Netflix, etc.) One day Frontier will wake up with no customers and wonder why.


Frontier can't sell those time slots so they fill in with the *** keyboard cat PSA and take monstrous write offs ..It is criminal


Get a life you PC Troll, go outside and get a job!


your response to the complains is obviously canned computer generated garbage. Nice personal touch!!!!


I agree, I HATE those commercials and they play back to back at least 2 times. Cut us a break and come top with some different material. PLEASE!!!!!


Yes!!!!. are you trying to *** brainwash comes on over and over and over again.i have to shut mt TV off,it's on every *** channel any hour of the day.your going to make somebody on the edge commit *** idiots!!!!!


Give your advertisers some free airtime...stop repeating the keyboard cat and penguin...uhhh.


I agree I am ready to slam my tv on the ground when this commercial comes on. It really *** me off they play it every 5 mins.


Yep, this is on every few minutes in Florida on Frontier FIOS. Lucky for Frontier they have great internet access speeds or I would be changing vendors.


What in the world is with those *** commercials!!! Occasionally they will even run back to back!!!

This is beyond frustrating.

For the last 5 months, over and over and over and over and over and over. You're *** hole systems and behind Bright House, I will be switching to Comcast next year.


I totally agree!! I am SO SICK AND TIRED of these 2 HORRIBLE, *** and MOST ANNOYING commercials!!!! They are on like 4 different channels that I watch and they drive me CRAZY!!!!


Hello. I am sorry you are feeling this way.

We are here to help you.

If you are needing any assistance with your Frontier billing or services, please send us an email to with the subject ATTN: Tim/Krystle so my team can assist you with a resolution. -Krystle


Just ignore this disgruntled person. Its an Internet Troll who spends all day posting Troll posts on various forums and discussion boards.

Just read the replies here and see its all the same person as the review author. Strange weirdo person!