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Frontier Communications - Thanks for Absolutely Nothing Frontier and Verizon! 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Asking them to send me a box to return my equipment have not send one a box to return the equipment and honor me the same price a month I was paying through my contract with FiOS . I had been calling since April to sent me a correct billing statement . Now my bill shows 927.68 . Which is incorrect and I have no service since ending of June. Frontier still unable to correct my charges . This is so frustrating . Now still charging me for the...
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Frontier Communications - Frontier Doubled my bill while I was still under contract
I moved to a new property, and they stated that my account would retain the same Combo and price, well guess what, they doubled my bill nearly from 160 month /month to 270 / month. When I called them to fix the issue, I sat on hold for customer service for over 1 hour and then had them tell me they couldnt do anything about this bill. I then asked them to speak to a Supervisor and they said they didnt have anyone available and it would take...
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I've had it with Frontier, every since they took over from Fios my bill has been wrong and went from the contracted amount of $144.00/mth to $180.00/mth. I have a copy of my contract with Verizon and still these people can't get it right. I spent several hours hours on the phone when they first took over, spoke to a supervisor who said she would get it straightened out and put me on hold all to have her disconnect the call. I gave up... I...
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I liked
  • When it was verizon
I didn't like
  • Frontiers pitiful service
Phone service: No voice mail 5/1/16 and after not being able restore voice mail they canceled my entire phone service on 5/23/16. Being a heart patient I needed phone service which got from another provider transfering my original phone number. Internet and Cable service: Since the phone number made up the account number Frontier canceled my Internet and Cable service, turning it off on 6/4/16. Frontier now wants service fees through July plus...
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I didn't like
  • Terrible customer service
  • Incompetent online and phone customer service
  • That i do not have all of my services
Frontier communications actions or Criminal. My bill with April Bill was 147.06 for the month, Frontier takes over, claims they won’t be raising prices and 2 months later my bill jumps to $168. I call in on 7/8 to see what can be done because we are not home much, one TV, Some internet, scant use of home phone except for an elderly parent who lives with us as the phone is for her. I talk to the rep, he states that the reason the bill went up was...
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my service has been out every since April 2016 when Verizon and Frontier communications conducted their business agreement. i have made several calls to Frontier, talked to a Bobbye, Ronald Regan, and others to get this issue resolved but to no avail. Also, Frontier is requesting I continue paying for a service i am not getting. I'm very frustrated with the service that Frontier Communications is providing and feel there need to be a class...
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My frustration with Fios Frontier, they don't give you the same rates as someone new. I have been with them for years now I am disabled and can't get a better rate. They also changed my contract date. Now I'm stuck for 2 years..
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I too began having problems with service as soon as frontier took over services.On or about June 11 it , failed entirely, and they refused to acknowledge an outage, nor could they give me any idea what the problem was or when it would be fixed. Initially they were to send someone out to take a look at the problem on June 17 only to be told before the call even ended that the engineers had taken the service ticket, and were working on the...
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I don't want to cancel because my contract with Verizon expired until January 2017 and I don't want to go to collection(it will be the first time). But I think I am going to cancel because it is really crazy. They can not even explain to me the charges in my invoices. They changed also my 50/50 Fios to 75/75 Fios from one invoice to another, I didn't authorized the change. I don't know what to do. It has been a nightmare. I need to know where...
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i have wasted over 10 hours dealing with these idiots. do yourself a favor - do NOT do business with these clows they do not do anything they commit to. they change prices at will their service doesn't work nothing good at all i have wasted over 10 hours dealing with these idiots. do yourself a favor - do NOT do business with these clows they do not do anything they commit to. they change prices at will their service doesn't work nothing good at...
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