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Tampa, FL.From the second they took over Verizon Fios, it's been a disaster. Customer service is completely clueless and the website and self-serve phone services do not function. I have been without most of my on demand services since the Verizon conversation. The error message is "You are not subscribed to the channel" even though you are subscribed and are paying for the channels. They put you on hold for endless time, transfer you from...
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FrontierComCares Good evening,
We certainly apologize for the trouble you've had so far and would like to offer our hand in assistance. If you're still having trouble with service or billi...


h.kitchener You made a mistake in going with auto pay. Why would you do that? Never allow someone to automatically take money from your bank account. Stop that immediately and cancel Fron...

I have lost some of my free movies on demand and some networks on demand , also my feature to block incoming calls.It has been more that a month , I have call customer service and still no results, many of my friend has cancel frontier and gone with bright house, why cannot frontier fix the problems that we are having, but still we are billed for the same amount. I think it is time to have a petition process and send it to the Federal...
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Two weeks ago FIOS TV channels became pixelated or did not work at all.Technician was supposed to show one week later (!!!) and did not show up. Called me and left voice message saying the Internet (NOT TV) services had been fixed and if my problem continues to call them back. Called them back and they want schedule another technician, because they are completely swamped with trouble tickets. Now I am on the phone for almost one hour trying to...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of knowledge by employees
  • Being lied to about services quality
  • Very bad customer service