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I signed up for Internet service on May 25 for service in Murphy, NC. I got a "confirmed" installation date for JUne 2. On the day of service I waited around all day and no one showed up or called. I called their customer service at the end of the day and was told told "sorry" we inadvertently cancelled your order. The rep said I can get you an install date of June 8. "What I said, you left me hanging and fthe best you can do is 6 days from...
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Scivilla This is the absolute worst company to deal with. There is no one in this company who cares enough about customer service to help a customer they have treated horribly.
I si...

I didn't like
  • Very bad customer service
  • Entire experience with frontier
  • Did not receive anything they promised for many years
I want to express my complete dissatisfaction with Frontier communications. My business moved locations and when I called to order internet services. The first time I was told that Frontier didn’t’ service my area. I thought that was strange since my landlord said that they used them for internet. So, I called AT&T and they said that they didn't service that area either? She assured me that it was Verizon/ Now Frontier that did. I started...
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From what has happened so far it seem like that i will not get internet service installed months from now. i placed and order april 21. they told me that i will not get service installed until may 13. its may 13 now and they are deciding to call me and tell me that they are not able to make the appointment and need to move the date even further back until may the 31st. Basically they are telling me that i need to wait 5 weeks to just get...
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We have one of our office location in Early Texas and when Frontier acquired Verizon they lost our static ip's.I setup another order with Frontier for Static ip's again and after a configured a router and sent it to the location I find out they lost the order and gave me different ip's so I configured the router with the new ip's had it working and out of the blue today my service went down and after a call to tech support I find out I have...
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I didn't like
  • Very bad customer service