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After waiting for over 4 months for On Demand to get sorted out I discovered a problem with my IP address rotating excessively. I have to access FTP sites and servers for work and I am now constantly having to deal with IP address changes that I did not experience with Verizon. I’m now told It’s an additional $20 dollar a month charge to solve a problem that only reared it’s head when Frontier took over. I don’t know what purchased movies I...
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Ever since they took over with verizon, for 3 months we had no on demand and tid no even give us any credit or something.Dvr are so bad, they change the dvr but did not help. I can't wait to change my cable after our contract is over. I am not the only one who has the same problem, we should have the right to cancell the contract since we did not sign in for such awfull cable company.Three months more and we will be able to cancell, the dvr...
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I pay $79.99 a month just for the extreme basic, which used to be a fair deal.The original channels were ok and it had a lot of good History channels and programs that were good. That was before Verizon sold me out the Frontier. Now my on demand doesn't work, most of my programs wont stream and either I don't get to see endings of a lot of series or I get to see them in little digital squares. Frontier is great on the overcharging and you really...
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I have been looking in the direction of Roku because with Frontier every month another channel disappears from my list on my original Verizon contract.Highest percent of channels left are infomercials and Home shopping channels. My on demand never came back correct and I missed the last three episodes of Outsiders, now I am not interested in reestablishing connections with the program that was free and on demand. If I want to see an episode that...
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I didn't like
  • Indifference to complaints
  • Rude and unknowable customer service reps
  • Billing
This is the worst experience I ever had.I was lied to repeatedly by all frontier staff with whom i spoke. They said that they did not have my work order then they did. 3 times I was told that tech was on the way and never showed. Said that they had my number but never called. Said the service was restored from the outside but it was not and could not have been done from the outside. Never called never came and never left a not.The worst ever...
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I can't possibly write of my interactions with the over fifteen-twenty reps,"techs" at this time.Since April 01,2016 Frontier cannot process request for VOD due to network bandwidth limitations.Not a single person at Frontier knows what their banner means or how to fix it.I had a twenty year veteran employee,Leon,come to my home on Memorial Day to try to fix it.I asked why no heads up,and he said he left a v.m.We checked our landline and our...
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I liked
  • Former verizon tech who came on memorial day
  • Leon
I didn't like
  • Any of it-- this company is a disaster
I am extremely disappointed eith the serbice i am receiving sonce the switch from Verizon to Frontier in Texas.I no longer have caller ID on my television. Many of the networks that were on demand are either no longer offered or the amountbof shows have been reduced. I was promised after the transition tpok place those issues epuldbe resolved and i was told i would receive credit on my bill intill they wete resolved. I have beem billed twice am...
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This transition has been extremely poor at the very least. We still don't have our VOD or library available despite commitments otherwise. These are cloud services we paid for in good faith with verizon and now have unavailable for over 6 weeks. Some one owes me some $$. I called in to Sales 2 weeks ago. After joining the Frontier website, poked around for bundle services and pricing. I had been looking for an upgrade to Quantum before this...
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I've had it with FRONTIER!I can't get the programs I'm used to, They decide which of the previously aired programs they allow (i.e. I get the 2nd half of DWTS on ON DEMAND and some of the episodes aren't even there at all. With Verizon you could watch the entire season whenever I wanted. I have Showtime and Stars and that hasn't worked all! Sure, they tell you you can get it by doing a search for the individual program, but when you do that...
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n less than a minute ago #1158826 I'm having the same issues.Frontier told me to contact Verizon Fioz about the movies we purchased because they don't show any movies. Now trying to get a hold of Verizon is a nightmare the recording keeps telling me to contact Frontier. One of these companies owes me money for my movies that I purchased, and I have been straight up robbed. Plus the fact that we left Frontier and they are trying to say we didn't...
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