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This Friday will be the middle of April when all is supposed to be working.....I'm calling and cancelling if not and will go to least there I will be able to speak with someone who not only speaks English but understands it!No one should have a bill this month and or an early termination fee if cancelled....we were never even notified that there was a change to frontier as most were not. They can pay me rental fees for all my...
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This switch is a nightmare.I do not have all my premium channel options for on demand and selecting a new on demand movie like the Reverent it was only offered in Spanish. All my tablet functions do not work that I had with Verizon. I called customer service to find out what the problem was and apparently they use an offshore service. I explained my issue and the person kept asking me the same question I explained 8 times. I then requested to...
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This company took over verizons service in florida 4-1-16 on demand doesn't function properly.4-11-16 11:30 pm problem still not resolved. have e-mailed 5 times tried to use their live support chat 3 times no one responds. customer service number says they went home for the day. after 3 calls 2 which dumped me while on hold the final call I wait 15 minutes to talk to tech support after 1 hour of that he has fixed my cable to the point I now have...
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