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Update by user Aug 31, 2016

Please note that the amount in the last paragraph should have been $101.61, not $10.61.

Original review posted by user Aug 31, 2016

Beware the Frontier Communication's scam! It goes like this - based on my recent personal experience (all dates are in 2016).

At the specific point in time, I had only my computer and telephone service with Frontier. I received a mailer from Frontier in early June that stated in part: "Add FIOS TV Prime HD to your entertainment package and get: 240+ channels in HD plus local HD broadcast channels, FREE activation ($49.99 value) and installation ($79.99 value) and FREE 3-month trial of STARZ, ENCORE, EPIX and Sports Package loaded with college sports." In response to receiving the mailer, and seeing an ad about Frontier's new DVR, the Quantum, I contacted Frontier Communications on 3 June to inquire about returning to a Frontier "Triple Bundle" package by adding FIOS TV service and a Quantum DVR. The Frontier representative I talked with explained what packages/promotions were currently available. The one which would include the Prime TV package I wanted, he said would cost about $137 per month, and said that if I was interested in signing on, to call him back.

On 6 June, the Frontier representative called and told me of a current promotion for $101.61 per month for two years, which I could cancel at any time without a penalty, and that the price would be locked in for two years. He said that with taxes included, the price would be between $102 and $103 per month. He went on to say that the package would include the Quantum DVR, the Extreme HD (I told him that I did NOT want the Extreme HD, but Prime, and he told me that the Extreme came with the promotion package), and three movie channels and a sports package. I told him that I did NOT want any movie channels, as the movies available were usually old and not worth it.

He said again, they are included as part of the promotion, and can be deleted in ninety days, and in fact, that he would remove them himself in ninety days. In addition, the package included the doubling of my computer speed from 15 to 30 megabytes and included trouble shooting should I ever have a problem with my computer. Further, this promotion includes no activation or installation fees. I agreed to this offer and he said that the installation would take place on 22 June, and then gave me a Confirmation Number.

The system was installed on 22 June as scheduled. On 23 July, I received an email from Frontier announcing "Your automatic payment in the amount of $418.28 has been successfully scheduled for 08/10/2016." I logged onto frontier.com and examined the bill. Frontier had ignored the original order and instead charged me: for each movie channel separately, a Security Bundle twice (which I never ordered), for two DVRs (I only have one), and other lesser items. This launched a series of calls and conversations with six Frontier representatives from 26 July through 26 August, which were mostly friendly, reviewed the bill, and prepared a number of "credits" to reflect at least the offer made in the Frontier mailer, and provided me with a Confirmation Number.

Each told me that the changes in my bill would take from 7 to 10 days. Most did not appear in the bill, although the bill did change mysteriously from $428.18 to $373.31 on 22 August, back to $428.18 on 23 August, and to $317.68 on 24 August. Through this process, I found out that most of the Orders (Confirmation Numbers) were "Canceled" as shown under "Ticket Status" and "Order Status," under "Help Center" of frontier.com. I eventually had a conversation with a Supervisor on 26 August, which was most unpleasant, as she was totally the opposite of the previous representatives I had spoken with.

I insisted on knowing why the original promotion I agreed to on 9 June for $10.61 was not acceptable and not implemented. Her response was: "Because it was not processed properly." And that was that.

So again, heed my advice: Beware of the Frontier scam!

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Fios Quantum Tv Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Frontier Communications Cons: False advertising, Not honoring their offer in mailer, Agreement of service not honored.

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When I signed up I was told this is your price for year one, after that it will be this price with no increases. Fast forward to end of year 2 , I receive a bill with $130 increase.

Called Fromtier, chatted to social media rep, contacted the office of the president and all I got was lies upon lies and run around. Canceled my tv service and I get call from Zpresidents office, wanting to know what happened lol.

So the smart business decision they made garnered them a minus 200 per month for being stupid. Biggest SCAM company out there.


I just got Frontier Internet. The lady on the phone told me the price is $32 and $ 4 taxes.

There wiuld be a $9 charge on the first bill, so the total would be approx $45. My bill today was over $140. They charged me for some security bundle I did not order, charged me for the connection and the box. I will try to talk to them and possible notify the better business bureau.

If that does not help I will not pay and go to small claims court. If anybody has better ideas please let me know. I heard their customer service sucks but I liked the price.

Being retired and on SS I needed an affordable internet provider. I should have checked that that out a little better.


Beware all I had with frontier was internet and they start charging me for long distance calls. After 6 months I cancelled service. Check your Bill's for mischarges that they dont expect you to catch




Greedy company, they want to steal money even after cancellation. I did not have any contract with them still charge me full month service fee (saying that I cancelled after billing cycle)+ 9.99 cancellation fee.


Same thing happened to me. After I return all the equipment and moved out of the house, I was still send a bill for WiFi services.

Called them and they said it was a glitch in their system and they will remove it. A month later got a letter saying that if I don’t pay they will report me to the debt collection department.

Called 4 people who said that the charge had been removed but none can send me an email confirming. Very frustrated.




After trying to work the issues as laid out in in my August 31 2016 posting, I have finally given up. I have cancelled my FIOS TV with Frontier, even though I will have to pay an early termination fee.

It is worth it! My bill was constantly changing, and at one point I thought it was at a reasonable amount close to what I agreed to in June 2016, and finally "locked in" for two years. That lasted for one month, then it jumped up again to an unreasonable amount again.

While I felt that many at Frontier were genuinely trying to help me, it never ever worked out that way. My last words on the matter - AVOID FRONTIER!!!!


THey came to my door in July...84.99 was my deal. First bill was 567.00!

Called they said no such deal, I told them I have a copy of the contract...they said those people dont really work for us. They said I need to contact them and they have to adjust it..everytime over 2 hrs on phone...lies and bs is all I get! Found one human that actually listened to me, she put in a 365.00 credit dispute.

She toldme it takes about 4 weeks to resolve, well its been six weeks and nothing but threats from Frontier! I have never been so frustrated!


I have received a very encouraging email from Frontier that is very positive. My billing account is awry with many changes that need to sorted out.

The next billing cycle will hopefully sort these out that can be addressed head on. In any event I was informed that my billing shows that I have a credit balance at this time.

I will post any further actions on this issue.


Good evening.

Allow us to apologize first in regards to the trouble you received with updating your account and pricing.

You should never have to jump through hoops in that manner nor should you have the troubles you had to endure. I'd like to have my team take a look and see what we can do regarding these billing mistakes.

Can you send us an email at askfrontier@ftr.com with the subject of ATTN Tim/Krystle, so my team can get started. Thanks,



You lying frontier thieves are the most useless time wasting ignorant employees of any us communications provider. You,should be ashamed to even reply since you have in all likelyhood zero understanding of any problem.

No matter how simple.

Don't forget to tell your customers how sorry you are and like the script says. Apologize profusely.


Why am i on collections since i cancelled the non existant service? Frontier has bad carma all around them