Frontier Communications Triple Play Bundle Reviews

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Value for money
Product or Service Quality
Had two homes with Verizon fios triple play. Now with Frontier my bill went up $100.00 per month more. Tried calling and I get the run around...went ahead and paid the bills however when a company takes over another company shouldn't fees by law stay the same since they are also taking over the existing contract and they should adhere to the fee schedule. I live in Southern Ca. where Frontier just took over from Verizon and If any lawyer wants...
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I didn't like
  • Being locked into a contract with cancellation fee
I was also part of the change that no one requested or wanted.I have lost all the features from my TV, no caller id, no VOD, lost my purchases, cannot access basic help features. Have spent over 4 hours on the phone with multiple apologies, multiple excuses and still not resolution as of today 4/20/16. Just continued apologies, lost service, for which I will not pay, and losers (who can't really speak cogent English) in customer service lying...
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Anonymous I am having same issue :(
They weren't able to help after 3 days in call for 3 hours each phone calls.