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To Frontier Communications,

As a internet service provider across the United States of America, you lay claim to the largest rural provider of Internet, and Telecommunications. While you are quite content with bolstering your record with the occasional positive comment left on Facebook, this is where your customer interaction stops.

This is not an attempt to belittle any single individual. I do not aim to cast doubt upon your subscribers, nor do I wish to embarrass anyone. I do however want the record set straight. Accountability does not stop with ANYONE, least of all you. That being said, let me begin.

If I may point you in the right direction, You have thousands of customers on here who are having problems with their internet. Most of these customers are paying for 7meg+ service. The problem here, is that they are not even getting 1meg service. The situation in it's totality could be compared to being sold a car, but upon receiving the car, you realize it does not come with wheels, or an engine... While within contrast to your total consumer base, this minor fraction of customers with issues may seem acceptable, I highly doubt that many of your customers will agree.

First and foremost, do not delude yourself into thinking that you can give your customers a false sense of security by asking for their contact information. I want to stress to you that you are NOT going to handle these customer issues on a one on one basis, when the problem is a lot larger than that. You have DSLAMs all over country that are OVERLOADED. When a customer is unhappy with their service, you simply return his internet to normalcy, and someone else on the same DSLAM gets knocked down. You rinse and repeat this cycle, and many users are blissfully unaware that they are even experiencing problems at all. Is this theory 100% correct? Maybe, maybe not, but the trend in which you receive customer complaints due to speed or lack of service would suggest that my theory is a step in the right direction. You know that you cannot provide customer service to your customers because you can't. Please stop with the rehearsed responses, as they are redundant and will often fall upon deaf ears.

Second, please review the training procedures your technical support assistants go through. They sound as if they are reading from pages and utilizing random technical terms to confuse the customer. As if that weren't enough, they will go out of their way to tell the customer that they are wrong. If by some act of god, they determine the customer is correct, they immediately assume that it must be a problem on the customers end. This leaves the customer feeling not only belittled, but helpless. Most customers are to the point, where they simply do not want to call customer service, as it is a waste of their time. The lack of knowledge and personable customer interaction by your under trained technical support staff is nothing short of abhorrent. Look up and down from this post. These are your customers who are paying for internet, and getting LESS THAN 1Meg down. Your customers are your lifeline, and without them, your company would cease to exist. They are what keeps your company going. Unknowingly, your Customer Support staff use attrition as a weapon to tear down your company from the inside, and will continue to do so until they are trained in such a manner as the customer no longer has a sense of confusion, anger, anxiety, and apprehensiveness while talking to them.

Lastly, Please be honest. If there is a nation wide problem, please post it in facebook immediately. Acknowledge your customers by letting them know you understand that there is a problem, and are working diligently to resolve the issue. If you can, locate and isolate the problem, disseminate the information to local offices of affected areas and let them provide a soft date to the customers. The very worst thing you have done is left thousands of subscribers in the dark. This coupled with the fact that you are quite content with denial of the issue leads to severe distrust.

As I consider this a message conveyed by one person through the voices of many, I will undoubtedly be joined by others when I say: We patiently await your response.


The Customer

Review about: Frontier Communications Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Santa Barbara, California, United States #1161298

Spot on, I keep getting on the wrong server (Charter) and speed goes way down. It takes several power cycles to get on the correct server (In L.A.) then service returns to normal. I get latency errors from speed test, I got a ping of 2.5 seconds !!!


Brilliant! I love your honest, valid, and to the point message for Frontier.

It is spot on! :)


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