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I switched to Frontier when I moved last year 4/19 as it was cheaper. The installer was in such a rush, and his English wasnt so good.

Since this was the day I signed my lease we had no furniture moved in. My son brought his tv so they could check the installation like Comcast would do. Well this bozo assumed my sons room was the main box and installed as such. No one told him that.

Since then my internet goes out all the time or is slow as molasses. Which just thrills my high schooler, especially when hes writing a paper and loses it. Our cable either freezes, the sound goes out or the colorful lines come across the screen. Of course you unplug and replug what seems like 50 million times.

You reboot. This doesnt happen everyday. Might be everyday for a week then skip a few- week and start over again. Ive had a two week reprieve.

Ive called, live chatted, had tech support. Which put me in my teen sons closet trying to get the box and unplug, well you know the drill. The last time I did it it came of the wall landing on my head, due to the negligence of the installer. He didnt use long enough anchors or screws.

Anyway, twice Ive had service calls cancelled unbeknownst to me. The last service guy scratched his head then shook it at the way the box was installed my sons closet. Said there was a Comcast cable hooked up to my sons box and since thats the main box thats most likely the reason. How the *** does a frontier installer use a Comcast cable!

I have repeatedly been told I am going to get a credit for all the time get a credit for all the time my internet was either out or slow and all the problems with the cable.

You guessed right, Ive received nothing. Ive been lied to over and over. Wasted hours online and on the phone like everyone else. Oh I forgot, I wasnt told I was being put into a triple play.

I dont need a house phone. At one point some woman tried to tell me someone was making calls from my phone without my permission. Amazing since I dont have a house phone, I told her. At some point she tried to blame my teenage son.

To which I replied oh my gosh he must be doing it from his cell phone. She was adamant I had charges from unapproved calls and I needed to talk to someone else and transferred me and they laughed. So I have phone service that I dont use or want. But if I drop it my plan will go, what a bunch of bs!

They are scamming money from a disabled mom receiving social security disability, I can barely afford this. What does it say about a company that scams disabled and elderly like my parents, not a whole *** of a lot.

User's recommendation: don’t want to get involved with them.

Preferred solution: Give me a double play at a rate less than I currently paying. Credit for ALL the months we suffered with inferior quality cable and internet and for the fact the box hit me in the head due to improper installation .

Frontier Communications Cons: Poor quality of service.

Location: Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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Hello Rebecca, I apologize for the trouble you have experienced with your service. We can help get this sorted out, and we can take a look at your account in regard to alternate package options as well as the pending adjustments you mentioned.

To get started, please message us directly.

We have support available 24/7 via Facebook ( and via the message option on our Twitter profile ( -Christina

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