Kennewick, Washington
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I have called frontier over and over again and they are not fixing this issue that I am having. I did a little research and it seems that a lot of people are having this issue.

When I first got with frontier I did not have any issues with them and my internet did not drop or disconnect. I depend on the internet due to the fact I am a student, an online student at that. I am also a huge online gamer on my free time so with that being said I really depend on the internet. I am paying $32.00 a month for internet that doesn't even work.

I would love to be able to switch over to a different company such as Charter but cant due to the fact that my roommate that I live with has charter cable tv and charter does not allow 2 different accounts in one house hold which really sucks. I called frontier with preexisting issues and they still send techs out and they say everything is working fine but why does the net keep dropping? their answer "We have such a high demand and people are connected through the same line in your area and when they get home from work and turn on netflix or 360s it will cause me to get disconnected. they know of this problem and do not know when or how long in the future it will get fixed." So here is my question why do people who watch netflix and play xbox get an advantage over the internet and I get the short end of the stick because I never get to use it due to the fact I am always dropping internet connection every 5 seconds?

I call and asked for a supervisor to see if I can maybe get them to do something and the lady I spoke with told me the supervisor was not available on the floor but she would have them call me back when one was available well guess what, I waited and waited all day and still no phone call.

its been 3 days and my net is *** I am fixing to just cancel my internet. I do not recommend this company to anyone and they have poor customer service and it seems their supervisors do not care either.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Frontier Communications Pros: Fact they are a local company.

Frontier Communications Cons: False representation, Horrible customer service, Poor service.

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Im going through exactly the same p4.. My internet was perfect last year..

Now it goes out every 15 minutes.. For 10 minutes sometimes.. They tell me same thing.. Too many people watching..

Well duh.. Frontier only service in my area.. If course we all use it.. Mine goes on and out every single night around 930..unbelievable..

Im about to scream.. Bad horrible customer service..

They even hang up on u.. Pathe9


$32 a month!? I pay $68! I’m paying that much for internet I can’t even use half the time???


I’m also having this same issue. I’ve had this service for a pretty long time and never had any issues with speed, connection, or anything else.

But for the last couple months it’s been nothing but disconnects, reboot modem, waits 20 min for modem to come back on, red world, check status on computer of router, dhcp error or unable to connect. Rinse lather repeat, oh also this is all on my new modem I was sent a couple weeks ago. Call customer service they do their thing and ask me to redo EVERYTHING I’ve already done prior to calling. Red globe!!

More waiting as rep does some other things while my router is powered off as I sit in silence wondering are you still there? Are you even doing anything? Are you new there, looking up what to do? Why the *** aren’t you keeping me informed about what is happening?

Eventually rep is back, plug router back in, red globe!!! Son of a... more waiting, red globe!!! Rep, well I’ve done all I can think of to fix this I’m going to need to escalate this issue and have a tech come out to your home.

Just forget it I know from experience it’ll start working again at some time, hang up. And as I’m waiting sometimes a couple hours, the internet fairy’s come and fix it for me. But without fail no telling when the connection drops each and every day. So look, frontier, whatever you did recently with your service needs to be changed back!!!

You obviously didn’t do it right and implemented whatever it was and made my service totally unreliable. Also, please seriously consider training in so many different ways for your service reps. Most are clueless to conducting proper customer service, or having the knowledge to do their job or answer a majority of questions and not sound as if it’s being made up or they read it on the daily horoscopes. I dread calling for tech support so much that I often times contemplate jamming a super hot knife into my hand instead.

Or just wait for the internet fairies to come fix it. It’s not about watching Netflix or playing Xbox or needing it for school as some of these people have said. It’s all about this screwing with my quality of life to spend so much time dealing with it, with reps there increasing that time to repeat what I did already. The time waiting as they do whatever as I sit in silence, but still doesn’t fix it or it does but don’t hold your breath just wait till tomorrow!!!

Or the obnoxiously long time rebooting the router takes, but doesn’t fix it. All this time spent to fix the service I’m paying for and none of it works or fixes the problem so I don’t have to deal with it anymore. But mostly it’s the fairies that fix it, I just have to wait. Guess what!!!??

I’m done waiting or dealing with it all, come October I’m canceling service with you. Because as much as I hate Comcast and their prices or the line sharing with my neighbors that slow my connection, I at least still have that connection.

Fact: everyone of you providers suck for one reason or another. It’s not who has the best to offer, it’s just who sucks less in the end.


Couldn’t have said this better myself!


Same issue here in Illinois. Horrific customer service.


I have the same problem and Frontier tech support just shines it on.


I am having the same issue with a wired connection to router that continues dropping from my single family residence. I have called over and over again, it drops 3 to 5 times every single day and the connection speed also drops very frustrating.

It is so unfortunate that Verizon sold their business to them never had these issues with Verizon.

Customer service representatives have no idea what they are doing. I am currently looking for another internet provider.


*** WiFi keeps disconnecting


I had same problem but I fixed it. You have a modem router combination unit.

The signal coming is strong. The problem is with the router. Easy fix add another router to Frontiers equipment. Use this router instead.

No more dropped signal. Plug the router into the blue plug on modem and into yellow plug in router.

I bought a Belkin for eight dollars at goodwill. Maybe you already have the old one.


Had frontier for about a month. Literally every 2 *** seconds the internet is dropping.

Reset the router and it works for about 5 minutes before dropping again.

Frontier is a *** joke.. Gladly taking our business elsewhere.


Been having the same problem ever since I received service. Tried the online troubleshooting, Facebook messanger, Frontier chat and they say "it is working fine." I actually think that Frontier is in DENIAL about the problem.


2019 and still having the same problem


I totally agree. Frontier worked fine for the first two weeks and since then it drops constantly.

I call every day and they have me do something here and there on my laptop, a service tech was out for 2 hours, provided a new modem/router combination (that may be the issue?) and I've spent hours on the phone with techs and the service still drops. I'm going back to Spectrum and as a NEW customer, I'm available for their lower rates (at least for a year).


I totally agree with these comments. I switched to Frontier to save money.

However the aggravation of my internet dropping isn't worth the $25 savings. I can't even download updates without the service dropping. I keep calling, they do tweaks or have me do stuff via ethernet then back to the same *** Tech was out today for 2 hours and replaced my modem/router combination. I'm wondering if that's the problem?

He changed out my wall plug when the phone line comes in. I


This just started happening to my internet connection. Every afternoon I have no internet.

Then it “fixes” itself overnight, when I don’t manually reset (what a pain to have to go upstairs and unplug modem). I’m investing in a Bluetooth outlet -since the WiFi ones won’t work.

Then I can “unplug” from my phone. I’m hoping this will help.


Yo ive had this *** 2 days and its *** off same time these last two days no internet at all


Always goes down every 2 seconds, It seems to happen when i have 4+ things running using wifi, It's really *** me off.


Internet drops daily, every day!!


Having the same issues, dropping out every 5 seconds.


Same problem. Never know when I can connect to the internet. Frontier keeps coming out and "fixing" but the same problem exists.