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By the time you loose all of your newly acquired customers you will need to claim bankruptcy if you even have a chance to survive. Luckly my contract is non existent. I thought Verizon had the worst customer service until Frontier.

I have spent even more time than most others on the phone and with techs. 5 hours today on the phone. 3 yesterday and many more since first week April.

Today ended it when I was told I would have to pay for a site survey, request new service loose any long-term benefits I have from being a long time customer. Actually in the first neighborhood activated with Fios in Florida and one of the first customers.

No I will not pay for a site survey, I will not give up my locked in prices. This in not personal accounts they are business. 4 accounts all in total. It is bad enough for my hospitality business that my customers are not happy, can only imagine the nightmare that doctors dentists and other health care businesses are dealing with.

Let's all fire Frontier, we don't have to accept this. Let's also not forget this 5 years from now. Frontier please sell this to another company who can handle a task this big. Heck just cut your losses and give it back to Verizon for free and write off the 10 billion you spent and quit trying to get it back from all of tbe customers you broke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was thinking about suing them but I'm not sure they won't go bankrupt before I could get a settlement. This company is barely hanging on.

Check their stock price. Their investors are suing them with class action suits and I doubt they will get much.


Had Frontier phone copper service into my house in Lewisville, Texas. Contractors doing work outside the housing development cut a sixty-something pair cable.

Fortunately, I had Cable TV and Internet service with Spectrum which was not affected. Over a month of waiting with a dead phone and several bad experiences with Frontier’s customer service where they were inefficient, non-responsive and rude, I decided to take action. For many years I had procrastinated in getting rid of the copper landline service because of our ADT service. I upgraded our ADT service to a cellular-based service, ported my phone over to Ooma VOIP and closed my Frontier account.

I worked in Telecommunications for 13 years and could not believe Frontier’s total disregard and unresponsiveness. I will remember this one for years to come. They deserve and should go out of business. Half the problem we are facing these days is that these companies come along and acquire these networks but they don’t invest in maintaining the infrastructure.

Very bad. It will eventually catch up with us all. The consumer will eventually pay the price.

By the way, Ooma works great. Very happy with their product and their customer service and my phone bill cost dropped by 70%.


Everyone in my neck of the woods in switching to mobile internet services like Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T.


For well over a decade I have suffered the abuse of the strangling monopoly Frontier Communications has had on my market. With three voice lines and my business DSL with 6 static IPs I was paying Frontier Communications $450.00 per month.

(That's nearly 6 BIG ONES a year!!!)

Business DSL service was promised at 10 Mbps but rarely delivered as much as 2 Mbps. In addition, I was promised 24h hour turn around time in the event my service was down.

For the past TWO years, my service went down at least once a month, and rarely did their techs have it back up and running in less than THREE days, not 24 hours as promised. In the meantime, because my business depends on reliable internet, I had to spend nearly $2,000 for alternate internet provider resources in an attempt to keep up with my workload!!!

To add insult to injury, it took Frontier Communications well over a month to terminate my services AFTER I made my first request to have my phone numbers ported. GUESS WHAT???

Yes, Frontier Communications had the unmitigated gall to BILL ME for the extra month. (Well you can guess what sort of odds they have that I will EVER pay them for it.)

In the meantime, Frontier Communications has turned me over to collections and done everything in their in power to destroy my good credit. (They made a minor dent, but no matter what, I will NOT capitulate and pay them for their BREACH of contract!!!)

I want the first party that files a breach of contract against Frontier Communications to know that I am totally on board and am willing to travel ANYWHERE in the U.S.

to pursue action against this firm and its management. I for one will join in the celebration the day this ungrateful company goes under!


As a former employee, I saw it all!!

Frontier has the worst internet in virtually every market

They steal speed from some customers in order to give more to others

They received hundreds of millions in federal grants that were mandated for MIDDLE MILE ONLY yet they used it all to buy only END MILE equipment so that CLECS or competitors were blocked from using the PUBLIC network!!

These are CRIMINAL acts!!!!

But since Frontier has dozens of Senators and high ranking officials literally on their payroll, they get away with these crimes!!




Its unbelievable that this company is still in business. Im dealing with them for the 2nd time in the last 8 months and they are horrible.

Im canceling service. Ive filed complaints with the FCC and BBB as well.


Frontier SUCKS