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Update by user Aug 10

Frontier send crews out within days of my complaint here and elsewhere.

Original review posted by user Jul 11

We live in an old neighborhood where utility lines have been a problem for years. We have been trying to get electric, cable and phone lines rewired for years.

In some cases, the issue was so bad that we had massive tree trunks and branches actually growing around existing utility wires and have had wires displaced by tree growth laying atop existing structures and growing through tree branches.

My neighbors and I have made repeated contact with the various utilities over the years and have been getting the runaround for at least 5 years. Last year, Frontier got invloved and based on their assurances, we had hope that things would finally be fixed. Frontier's representatives visited our street several times and last Fall, we actually got new, taller poles installed. (The old poles were very old and were leaning due to tree growth).

And, although it took several months, we were able to get our electric and cable companies to move their wires from the old poles to the new poles.

However, during the first installation of new, taller poles, Frontier apparently placed the first new pole too close to the road and had to return, drill a new hole and install a second new pole further from the street without removing the first one (or the old, shorter pole). So months later we have three poles plus a brace for the old pole to stabilize it connected to the first, incorrect new pole. These utility poles are on the border of our neighbor's property and he has made repeated attempts to get the old poles removed without luck. In addition he has an old pole on his property which was also replaced with a new, taller pole and both the old and new poles are still there.

So, between us, we have 5 utility poles on our small properties where there should only be 2.

We really thought and hoped this would all be finally dealt with this past Spring, but we're now into July and seem to have been forgotten again. None of us up here want to go any longer with this mess, especially as we move into hurricane season.

Yesterday, I finally contacted Frontier directly myself with all the details (Although I know they are familiar with the neighborhood and the issues we're dealing with). The company's reply is below:

"This project was going on well before I inherited the town. I am not making excuses, but, I have no control over the construction department.

I have been emailing [neighbor] as to the response I was getting from my line foreman and what the status was. There are a couple of things that held up the job, one we can’t shift until everyone else shifts and then we can remove the pole. Secondly, if it rains, my foreman will not go out with the trucks due to possible damage to the property, which [neighbor], had mentioned. Lastly, my construction foreman left the company on Friday.

He promised me that he would have the poles removed prior to leaving. Well, I guess that didn’t happen. Now I will reach out to whomever our new foreman is.

Please be reassured, as I stated to [neighbor], I have been emailing on a regular basis about 5 jobs similar to yours.

I won’t let it drop, but, I have no control over another department or company."

So, we've had this eyesore since last October and it appears we're no closer to having the necessary work completed. We've gotten false hope enough times to not believe anything we're being told by Frontier's representatives.

We just want the old poles removed and any property damage fixed (as Frontier promised it would be).

Reason of review: Failed repeatedly to complete work promised..

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Frontier Communications Cons: Customer service did not care about customer.

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Hello pkazmercyk, I apologize for this trouble with the pole installation/removal, and the unexpected delays with completing the project. We can check on the status of the job and look for updates about the completion estimate.

Please private message us to get started. -Christina