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I had an account with Frontier for a little over a year and paid my bill on time every month. Due to an awful flood in my apartment, I had to move out immediately and cancel my frontier services in October. The account had been closed, yet I wasn’t sent the boxes to return my equipment. I called again on November 15th to request the boxes, and they were finally sent. During this time I confirmed there were no outstanding balances on the account and that everything had been cancelled. Everything seemed to be fine.

In January, I received a letter from Frontier stating that I must pay $204 in 10 days or they are sending my account to a collection agency. I immediately called Frontier to inquire about these charges and pay them if necessary, but they stated that I was all paid and could disregard the letter, so I did.

Three weeks ago I was checking my credit score and I discovered that Frontier sent me to collections. I had not received any communication from them other than my letter in January, which they told me I could “disregard.” This is my first negative mark on any account I’ve ever had, I’ve never once missed a payment on any account I’ve EVER had!

Since this discovery, I have called Frontier over 10 times, and each time the representative struggled just to even find my account. After at least 30 minutes, two of the times the representatives could not do anything to help, and claimed that I would have to talk to the collections agency, who states I would have to dispute it with Frontier to resolve anything. Therefore, both agencies have left me completely stuck on who to even talk to. All the other times I am left going in circles with "specialists" and "supervisors" who can't do anything.

Last week I spoke to someone at Frontier who agreed that the charges were completely unjust and shouldn’t even be on the account in the first place. She requested they be removed, which would therefore remove the collections account. When I called Frontier back today to check on the progress, after speaking to multiple people who “couldn’t help me”, I spoke to a supervisor who stated the request had been denied. She then proceeded to tell me details regarding my account such as billing dates and cancellation dates, all of which differed from what previous representatives have told me. I asked her to confirm her dates with me because they didn’t sound familiar, which upset her and caused her to yell to me. I asked her to please be kind and respectful, as I just want to better understand where these charges came from in the first place. She couldn’t do that. After an hour and 8 minutes, she stated she didn’t know where the charges came from, and abruptly hung up on me at 8:00pm, presumingly because that’s what time she got off work.

Yesterday, I had the same occurrence where the supervisor admitted the charges are completely unjust and I do not owe them any money, yet they cannot remove the claim they made against collections.

I am at a complete loss with frontier and feel that I have run out of options. Multiple of their own representatives have admitted to me that I am in the right, yet the charges will not be removed, and now, I have been sent to collections after being told my account was closed and clear of any balance. Now my credit score will be harmed for seven years, for something their own employees can't even explain. Frontier is the most unethical company I have EVER done business with, and I would absolutely never recommend to anyone to use their services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Falsely sent to collections.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Unethical business practices.

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So sorry for all your trouble with them. I’ve had them a couple years back, and just recently switched back to them back in September.

They’ve never changed. Still the same, as you have described. I’m canceling service after just 6 weeks. They don’t even prorate your bill.

They charge you a full months worth, even though youve only maybe used a couple of days. They do not give a hoot. They’re a shoddy company.

Sooner or later they will either shut down or have to credit people back for their bad services. They’re a JOKE!!!

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