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Frontier was a nightmare!! We didn't know from month to month weather our bill was going to be $70 or $400.

The customer service is the worst I have ever come across. If you call with an issue you will be on the phone

for hours before they finally get you a supervisor at which point you will be told a technician will be there between 6am 6pm. When the tech doesn't show, and you call they tell you either they don't see you scheduled or oh yeah, your tech was canceled. Then you have to start over, and you will get stood up again.

When you demand a refund they tell you, the request will be put in, but you still need to pay the bill, and you may or may not get the refund owed to you in 30 days!! My wife got so frustrated with them that she started crying on the phone.

I finally told my wife to just cancel the service even though we were told they were the only option for internet in my area. That's how bad they were!!

Location: Oxnard, California

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Hello PissedConsumer2505465, I apologize for the trouble you had with your service. If you still need assistance at this time with a repair, or if you have any questions about your bill, we can help.

Please message us directly any time via Facebook (http://m.me/frontiercorp) or via the message option on our Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/askfrontier). -Christina

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