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We are in what frontier calls a "congested area" and so every time we try to watch a movie streamed from the internet we get multiple interruptions. Tonight we started off fine for an hour.

Since then the movie has paused 25 times in 30 minutes due to inadequate internet signal. Never use frontier. They dont care as long as they get paid. At this rate it will take 4 hours to watch a 4

Cannot wait to find a replacement and tell them to fly a kite. We have a neighborhood of over 200 homes all with the same problem. Homes over $200000 to $600000 with a crappy 3mbps service that typically reads barely 1 mbps at peak times.

Awfyl. Just awful.

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Germantown, Maryland, United States #691219

:) What movie is 4 HRS long? beside point F Frontier Just a very pissed customer sorry frontier ---------- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


"feontier" Okay, no language skills. Keep in mind those reflect on how credible your story sounds.

"4 hours to watch a 4" Okay, not great with Math either. That's okay, not everyone is... "Homes over $200000 to $600000" you afforded that with no language or math skills? Send me an application.

Also, by what rationale do more expensive homes merit faster internet? It's a network. You get better service in a city or populous area, and worse service the farther you get. Don't like it?

Move your ill-gotten mansion closer to civilization. Or switch services. I heard Frontier just started offering Satellite Internet at faster speeds than DSL ( ,) ).

"Awfyl." Yes, your review was. :zzz

to Anonymous #624181

AMEN! :grin

to Anonymous Greenville, Michigan, United States #669848

Ever hear of typos, ***?

to Anonymous #769279

So he stated some irrelevant information and has some typos, so what? What he is saying is quite typical in this area, and my neighbors and my family experience the same thing if not worse.

The Frontier HSI service is advertised at 3 mbps while the actual service is almost always less than 1 mbps, in fact frequently less than 0.5 mbps.

Repeated discussion with Frontier's technical assistance never resolves anything. Why should they be allowed to get away with such a deception?

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