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We have Frontier FIOS Internet service. Last year the rate was renegotiated (saw a special offer for new clients) to $74.99 plus tax with a 2 yr price guarantee for 150/150 mbps.

I noticed on the new bill that they added a $1.99 Internet Infrastructure Surcharge. I did a little online research and learned this is a common tactic with broadband providers. Adding a fee doesn't affect their advertised price which would have a negative marketing effect. A little on search revealed...

the surcharge is just away to increase the monthly service WITHOUT appearing to raise fees, as most customers would only compared the advertised price. A marketing scam... In an online chat I had some fun exploring this new fee. Jen 3:39 PM When you chat with us, you grant us permission to review your services during the chat to offer you the best value.

Your current services will not be affected if you refuse permission by not proceeding with chat. Frontier has the duty to protect your information. This is your right under Federal law. For quality and security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed.

3:37 PM Gary Inman what is... Internet Infrastructure Surcharge 1.99 When I renegotiated my service a year ago with a 2 yr price guarantee this didn't exist. Jen 3:38 PM Hi Gary! Thank you for chatting with Frontier Communications.

My name is Jen and I will be happy to assist you! What is your Frontier account number & account PIN please? 3:40 PM Gary Inman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 3:41 PM Gary Inman xxxxxxxxxxx Jen 3:41 PM Thank you, before we get started, we may need to contact you concerning your account, changes we’re making today, or to get your feedback on Frontier products and services. What is your mobile area code and telephone number & the best email address to reach you at?

3:41 PM Gary Inman xxxxxxxxxxx Jen 3:43 PM Thanks. I understand you are concerned about the Internet Infrastructure surcharge that is $1.99. That is a surcharge on your internet service and started with your current bill and will be billed monthly going forward. 3:44 PM Gary Inman in violation of my 2 yr price guarantee Jen 3:45 PM You are paying month to month and not in contract.

3:45 PM Gary Inman oh so during the renegotiation I was lied to? Jen 3:47 PM Not sure what you mean. Your rate hasn't changed from the $74.99 surcharges and taxes can change at any time. Jen 3:48 PM The cost for the service could as well as you aren't in any type of contract.

3:48 PM Gary Inman are you saying this is a government mandated fee? Jen 3:48 PM No it is a surcharge not a tax or governmental charge. 3:49 PM Gary Inman I was offered 74.99 for 150/150 for 2 yrs Jen 3:49 PM The $74.99 rate is what you paying. The surcharge is not part of that is it an additional fee.

3:50 PM Gary Inman it either was a lie or Frontier has reneged 3:50 PM Gary Inman no the offer specified plus taxes only Jen 3:51 PM There is now a surcharge on your internet service. It was done across the board. 3:51 PM Gary Inman so the 2 yr guarantee was a LIE Jen 3:52 PM I don't show you are in any type of contract. 3:52 PM Gary Inman so the guarantee was a LIE Jen 3:52 PM You are currently paying $74.99 for the 150/150 before the surcharge and your taxes.

3:53 PM Gary Inman that was to be the only charges. this new charge is a violation of the guarantee Jen 3:53 PM Unfortunately I am not able to remove it as it is a valid fee. 3:54 PM Gary Inman ok I get it. Frontier is a lying company that can't be trusted.

Time for me to start shopping after 12 yrs of service. Jen 3:55 PM I am sorry you feel that way. 3:55 PM Gary Inman me too... and sorry Frontier is so dishonest.

Jen 3:56 PM Do you have any additional questions or concerns for me today? 3:56 PM Gary Inman I will of course copy this to all my social media accounts Jen 3:57 PM I will be happy to let you discuss this further with a supervisor.

3:57 PM Gary Inman put them on Jenis typing (will call within 24 hrs... ha)

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: failure to honor 2 year price guarantee.

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Just got off the phone with Frontier, the agent told me it was not a fee from Frontier, but from the state of Florida. He stated Florida increased the $1.99 tax I originally had to $3.99.

I think they need to get their story straight. He then put me on hold to see if he could increase my speed since he couldn't do anything about the additional $2.00 increase and NEVER came back on the phone.

I rolled to customer service and she wanted to start back at square one. I think I'm with you about checking out the competition.


Frontier has just raised the infrastructure fee again, as of my November 2018 bill, to $3.99, from the $1.99 a year ago. I have autopay, so of course there is no advance notice whatsoever.

This is after they refused to honor the 3-year price guarantee at $29.99/mo I signed up for in December 2014 per a flyer they mailed me. They denied in late 2016 (when rate went up to $34.99) that such a flyer existed, and when I scanned it and sent it to them, they first said they'd give me a $10 statement credit and lower my monthly rate by $5 (to $24.99) for the remainder of year 3. They did give the $10 credit, but the rate remained at $34.99.

I called them again - they said they had no record of my prior lengthy conversation - and said they had no way to change my rate, but would talk to a supervisor. One round of phone tag - nothing was ever done despite 90 minutes on the phone.


that 1.99 extra surcharge is up to 3.99 now.


I noticed that today too. This is just dishonest.


Every month a new increase! I wish I could go to comcast but for some reason we can’t choose what we want!

I know some deal with someone! No free market when it comes to cable!

I just don’t have 3 hrs to sit on the phone to be told that nothing can done! Optimum and streaming here I come!


Due to poor internet services, I asked for a new tower and was okayed for it plus a new program with ID safety.Never did receive a new tower but did receiver the ID part..what a joke...they are only interested in selling something and not resolving internet issues.


I don't even have their internet and they are charging me for this