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Frontier did contact me but they are still not doing anything about my problem. They need to contact my local service but for some reason have not done that.

They want me to contact them via Facebook but I'm not on Facebook. So again I'm out of luck.

I wish I couId get cell phone service or any other kind of service but unfortunately because of my remote location this pitiful Frontier service is all I can get. I think the old phone lines need to be replaced because every time it rains, my phone is unbearable.

Preferred solution: A phone that is reliable..

Frontier Communications Pros: Reps appears sympathetic but confounded by technology.

Frontier Communications Cons: No one local to give answers.

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Hello PissedConsumer2517300, we are more than happy to assist you, however we are limited in what we can do on this website. In order to help, we need account specific information that is not secure to post publicly, so we do direct customers who post here to our other social media pages which have private messaging options.

This is not a lack of willingness to help; we take the security of your personal data very seriously. You can reach us directly via Facebook (http://m.me/frontiercorp) and via the message option on our Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/askfrontier).

If you do not have access to either site, then you can reach our traditional customer service team via phone at 18009218101 or via live chat here: https://frontier.com/contactus/contact-us#/residential . -Christina

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