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One of your sales reps came to my door a few months ago and spoke about a wifi deal, it was like 30-40 bucks for internet. I have been getting bills for 99.95, 137.35 which is crazy considering I only have wifi with you guys.

Everytime I call they never have anything right. My code , my birthdate my name is spelled is wrong which I have called about several times to get corrected. When I give my zip code its never right yet you guys are mailing me bills. I already feel you guys ripped me off to get extra money.

I want my info and bill corrected once and for all. I will go higher up if I have to, I will have my attorney review my bills if I have too. I can NEVER get a manager/supervisor to speak too. You guys are over charging me and then threating to turn off my cable if I do not pay these outrageous prices.

I would like someone to email me or call me back. I did everything I was supposed now you guys need to do your jobs and get on the people who are not doing it correctly cause its making your company look real bad. There is even a page on facebook with people complaining about your services. You are the only one in my area, so this is needed especially with schools being out due to covid.

I really hope you guys are taking advantage of your customers due to COVID-19. My phone number is 941-357-**** and my address is 2315 15th street east Bradenton fl 34208

Preferred solution: i just want my info and bills corrected .

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Hello Jacqui, we can help if you're concerned that your bill does not look correct. I do want to advise that it is not secure to post your personal information publicly, and I suggest editing your post to remove that information.

Please message us directly for further assistance.

We can be reached via Facebook (http://m.me/frontiercorp) and via the message option on our Twitter profile (https://twitter.com/askfrontier). -Christina

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