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I have been receiving emails from Frontier 2 stating a change in my credit. Is this a scam?

Dear joe, Frontier has identified a change in your credit information. This could be a result of a new inquiry or line of credit, or something else.

Please log in to review the details of this notification now. If you do not recognize the activity detailed in the notification, it could be a sign of identity theft.

If you have any questions, contact Member Services at 888-403-6037. Sincerely, Frontier

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Garry Leigh
In order to find out whether the letter is a scam, you should personally contact Frontier Communications customer service by phone at 800-921-8101

? Channel 200 outage since Friday

Unable to get channel fox 200 since Friday in shelton Ct

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How come my magicjack says it not connected to the internet???

I need help with getting my magicjack phone connected to the internet. Can't make or receive calls from my computer like I use to.

Don't have a clue. Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling my magicjack never had this problem before. Don't know if my internet speed has changed or what's going on. It seems like it doesn't finish connecting to the internet.

Keep getting notice that tells me it isn't connected to the internet. I even tried turning off my router and restarting it. My computer is running slow so I don't know what the problem is.

I'v had magicjack connected to my computerfor about 15 years and never had this happen. could you please help!!!

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by ForgetfulPony

How do you justify charging me for a full month of service that I will not receive when I canceled my service on the first day of the billing cycle?

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Tv channel available

by BestTurkishAngora

What channel is the Seahawks game on today

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residential phone

by YouthfulBassetHound

How in the world do I report a problem with my land line???? When some one calls me my phone will only ring one time.

I am told there is static on the callers end.

I sure would like to report this. I am an elderly person and I need my phjone.

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billing on down equipment and not receiving service

I have a voice phone and just signed up and have internet account number 218-365-5467-040799-2. A storm came thru the Ely,MN area and my phone and internet are down for 1.5weeks.

I Put the ticket in for the phone right away. Is there billing discount for service I am paying for but not receiving. My phone line is scheduled to be worked on 7/24/18, ticket number 001354232 .

I cannot put a ticket in to repair the internet until the the phone is repaired. I am afraid I will be paying for 2 months before that is repaired after I request service on it.

Also my neighbors have the same service I have and they have phone and internet so the problem is not catastrophic but affected only a few.

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Cancel Service

I need to cancel my service and return my modem and cable boxes. I am in zip code 90278 and need to closest location to return.

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Frontier stock that was sold

How do I find out the price & date that this stock was originally issued to me? I don't have any paper work on this.

Sncerely, Sharon Caudell

1 answer
IF the stock is in your name you can google the stock price for the date on the certificate and that would be the price.


by user47509097

Why haven't I received my refund yet?

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Can Services Be Discontinued Although Bill is Entirely Caught Up?

by user57507850

I am wondering if a consumer's phone and internet services can be terminated although that account is paid up and not delinquent. The reason being Frontier supposedly found a super old bill (in excess of 7 years old that is being disputed now because it was not our bill and did NOT even live at the address at that time and can prove that!

We have had our current phone and internet service with Frontier for over a year now, we first established service with Frontier in November 2016.

This seems extremely wrong. Is this how Frontier treats Disabled American Veterans and others with disabilities?

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