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Id like to share some insight on these reviews. Ive been part of a simular take over plus I have family that works for Frontier so I have a little more understanding than some of you do.

First off the on demand issues are due to frontier not getting all of the previous purchase information to set up your library. Some customers are getting this restored as fast as the information is made availabe. On demand is a free service and Frontier is spending millions answering calls about a service they wont make a dime off of and taking the heat for a issue they have no control over. The employees cant tell you the other company dropped the ball.

Im sure they will do something nice for the customers to make it go down a little smoother as soon as its possible. But right now im sure prioroty #1 is getting you the services like you have always had . Theres a huge amount of ppl calling in. The three states that just moved have close to 2,000,000 new customers plus all the existing customers to tend too would cause a traffic jam.

Ending in a high wait time on the phones. Most customers dont pay attention to which button to press and end up in the wrong dept probably thinking anyone that answeres can help. Let me ask you something about your company can anyone do every job at your office? If ypur answer is yes.

Thwn i ask you is your comoany as large as frontier and have the capabilities to have specialty depts? So going to the wrong dept just makes it worse I.e. asking tech support about their bill or asking billing when the tech is comming. This causes a bottle neck also.

Also did you know the night Frontier took over there were several fios fiber optic cables cut? There sure were and this takes quite a bit of time to fix. You make your own assumtions on that fact. All of the frontier tech support crew is working over time most 24 hrs a day 7 days a week to answer calls.

Fix or explain why your not getting what you had or setting a tech to come out and fix whats not working. They are aware there are issues with the Phone, tv and internet some issues can be fixed with a phone call,some will need a piece of equipment replaced that didnt take the firm ware updates and theres no way to know this will not take until its done.some issues will need a tech to make a house call. Issues will rise and will be fixed. Be patient they will get you fixed.

Please treat these ppl like human beings. They are moms & dads brothers and sisters unlces and aunts just like you. Ive heard horror stories about customers cussing and screaming all because little Billy cant watch his fave sponge bob episode on demand. Here's a idea mom and dad play a game read a book or teach him to color.

You will get all your services back. Frontier does understand your inconvienced and they want this service fixed as bad if not worse than you do.

No company wants a bad reputation. They are a great company.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Please contact the author of this review to discuss phone internet and tv on demand. Frontier Communications needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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My child is homeschooled and has special needs all her education is done online and all her communication is done with her computer. And we are not sitting around upset because she can't watch sponge bob ***.

We are upset because my child can't learn and can't communicate without the use of the Internet and her computer. There are people in this world that actually make a living working from home online. And frontier is not working hard at work trying to repair anything. I have not seen one tech support on my street neighbors of mine are without phone cable wifi and nobody from frontier is out fixing anything.

Also frontier doesn't have departments. I called several numbers from frontier one from billing and that was in Florida I called tech support and that was a rep in the phillipins. I have been without phone cable wifi for a week and if frontier was working hard then I shouldn't be without services this long. I had to call my cell phone carrier ATT and pay more money for more data this is costing me an additional 60.00 a month all so my daughter will be able to access her online curriculum I asked billing to reimburse me for the money I had to pay my cell phone carrier for additional data since Frontier can't get my wifi up and running.

The rep refused to reimburse me. Att was very helpful and I am going to cancel services with frontier as soon as an Att rep gives me the ok for u verse.

Frontiers customer service is horrible absolutely the worst. If this would have never happened I would have stayed with frontier in a way I am glad this happened because it allowed for me to see how frontier really doesn't value customers and when something goes wrong with your frontier services they are not quick to fix the issue and let's face it there always issues with services whether your with frontier,Att or direct tv the only difference is that these other companies value there customers and will fix the issue right away not leave there customers with an entire week of no cable wifi or phone sorry frontier but you lost my business.

to Anonymous Fairfield, Virginia, United States #1144534

If you are in a outage it may not be your street or your house that a tech needs to come too. Also the frontier office closest to me has customer service both residential and business and fios tech support.when you talked to tech support what did they tell you about your service?

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