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After a really bad change over we were going to switch to anther company. I started an online chat with Frontier to find out what my termination fee would be.

They said $560!!! According to my verizon contract it should be $114. All they kept saying was that they could transfer me to collections to set up payments. I finally called and was told, no it would be $114.

They are trying to scare people into staying with high cancelation fees. Dont trust them!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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This is what theybtried to do with me as well, but because Verizon had switched out my system one month before Frontier took over, I was advised that I would not any assistance until I signed a new contract with them. That is why Verizon agreed to install the new wiring (no longer on contract) with the new router with 75/75 service for $59.99 a month.

Frontier said they did not ever offer 75/75 service and if they did it would not be priced at that price. SO... I would have to pay more money, for crappier internet or I could downgrade my service to 50/50 for a ridiculously high amount of $89 a month.

I was told by the Frontier rep that she had other people waiting to scream at her, on hold, and hurry up and make my decision, as to which contract I wanted, and then pay.

She was a real JOY to talk to. Then she told me "I can give you a one time adjustment, to make paying me easier and then we can all get on with our lives".

I would not sign a contract and would not pay, until I received the services that I was supposed to be getting.

She advised that it would be impossible for her to make up a random amount and then make sure that my service worked, as Frontier does not support wireless internet in the home and if I did not make a decision, she had other callers and would disconnect the call. She disconnected the call.


Do you think that rep was told to scare people into staying? More like did not have the correct answer to your question.

Unfortunately the information was inaccurate, but the rep wasn't trying to scare you. If Frontier reps were urged to scare people all the employees that are let go, terminated, fired, or just had a brain would be blowing bells and whistles. Sounds like your the one trying to scare people, after you admittedly state they didn't charge you this. People are human and make human errors.

You yourself admit it was a bad transition. I'm sure it wasn't easy peasy lemon squeazy for the people on the phones and in the chats. Contracts can be bought or sold at anytime, with no prior notice and without consumer consent. Pretty standard verbiage on all contracts.

Use of services implies consent to the terms of service.

Signatures are not required to make changes, or over the phone changes would need done in person. Then everyone would complain, but you'd say their "Scaring People"


I would say that they hired anyone they could to answer the phone. They did use India and Phillipine call centers, for the first several months.

The rep I waited on hold for, in USA, was completely impressed with her power of knowing that she could treat people with disdain and obviously the calls were not QA'd, because nobody would talk to a customer like that, if they were worried about quality assurance. Plus I waited on hold for several hours to get through to her, so once she disconnected, I would have to deal with several hours on hold and she most likely would not be there, for her shift. She even refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

She advised the I would deal with her or call back. This went on from April to July2017.


Sorry! The dates were 2016 not 2017.


Wow! Not only is that amount ridiculous, Frontier is being way out of line!

I thought you handled that agent brilliantly!!