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Having had Verizon for several years, we got fed up with the idiots that we had to deal with when we called in. We changed over to Frontier, believing that things would be better.

It started out ok,,, not great, but ok. Then the BS started. We have internet 100/100 which closely resembles dial up. We have a landline and fax line, each with their own numbers.

We have Fios TV which is probably a step above basic tv. Our main issue is with their monthly billing. I keep records of payments and of each time I talk to Frontier on the phone. Last year I received a call from someone that said we needed to update our cable TV equipment.

Over the next few weeks, two separate DVR recorders and two set top boxes were delivered. After calling tech support about the equipment, we were told that the equipment that was sent was not compatible with our router or each other. We didn't need to update in the first place. We had a difficult time getting that equipment sent back to Frontier.

They billed us for several months for the unreturned equipment even tho I sent them copies of UPS shipping receipts. I had to call many times only to get someone who had no clue what I was talking about. They would bill me for reconnect fees even tho my service was not disconnected, because I wouldn't pay the unreturned equipment fees. Over the year, every month I get a bill that is out of this world.

I call and am told that it will be taken care of. Every month I find out that it hasn't been and only made worse. A few weeks ago, I received an email stating that my promotional price was ending (my bill says the promotion was thru 12-04-2019) so I call. I spent an hour on the phone with a guy who says he has hooked me up with a promotion again and my bill will be $176 a month after taxes.

(That's what it was earlier). I paid my bill which he said was the current one. I get another email that says my new service will begin 12-31-18. I

get another email on 1-04-19 that says my amount due now is $455.86.

So today I call. Three hours later and ending up talking to seven different people, I find out that the secure identity thing was discontinued and my fax line was disabled. My separate fax line hasn't received faxes for at least six months. Hmmm.

They tell me that it doesn't work because it is a dial up line and the landline is fiber optic. So? Disable my business fax and don't bother to mention it to me. Every time I call Frontier and talk to someone, they assure me that they will take care of the problem but when the next bill comes, its worse than it was before.

Frontier doesn't care if their customers are happy or not. They know that they can bill them whatever they want and if they don't pay, then they cut them off and charge them for that too. Their customer service reps for the most part are idiots. Rarely do I get to talk to someone who sounds like they have a brain in their head.

I am sick and tired of the service and line of BS that I'm told on the phone. I guess its time to shop for another provider.

Reason of review: Frontier service overall.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Frontier Communications Cons: Reps have no idea about their job or products, Not being helped, Billing and customer service, Fact that they lie.

  • misleading customer service
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