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From Sept. 15 --

OMG. I just got off the phone with them a couple of hours ago too. I've lived a nightmare since the switch over in April. The problems have mainly been having to reboot when the TV won't come on and the DVR not working. The TV will turn off just "whenever" and I I would have to do the "reboot" (unplug and plug back in) and wait for everything to come back on (this was what they told me to do early on, and it usually worked). Sometimes, I would have to do this several times in a row. Later, it wasn't quite as difficult, but still annoying. BUT, my DVR pretty much quit working. Long story short, I started to switch to DirecTV, and a tech came to install it on Monday. But, he said it was going to be somewhat complicated (I SO appreciate his honesty) to run their cable, etc. So, I just decided to stick with Frontier. I had requested my service be disconnected that morning (and it was), so I called Frontier and they reconnected my service fairly quickly. I also asked them to send new equipment because I had seen on FB that old equipment could be the problem. (Just FYI, for the most part, everyone I've dealt with at Frontier has been extremely nice and willing to help). I noticed the next evening (Tuesday) that I wasn't getting all my stations (and I was before the disconnect and reconnect). So, I contacted them by chat this time, and explained that I wasn't getting all my stations, etc. The tech told me I would need to "reboot" (ugh! - I hate that word!) the battery. Here's the exact conversation:

[Samuel D] We'll need to try a manual reboot of your ONT (network terminal). It should be mounted on a wall in a garage, closet, or basement. You'll first need to disconnect the external power cord, then disconnect the battery backup unit. The battery is usually located inside the ONT or next to it and will have 2 leads that connect it to the ONT. Once you have disconnected those 2 leads, you will then need to wait 60 seconds before reconnecting them. The final step will be to reconnect the external power to the power outlet.

[Lela Bayliss] Ok. Let me try to do this. Give me a few minutes.

[Samuel D] No problem, I will standby

[Samuel D] It seems you have an older set top box, I can send a replacement and that should resolve the issue.

So, I'm standing on some cans in my garage holding cords I've disconnected, etc., when I look at my phone to ask him a question, and he's just gone. He tells me he has ordered a new box, hopes this helped, hopes he did a good job, yadda, yadda, yadda, but leaves me there with no one to ask if I'm doing everything right or anything. I was livid.

Well, my new box (from my first order on Monday - I believe there's another box on the way from the second order by Samuel) came last night. I hooked it up and -- nothing. After about an hour of seeing if it was just uploading the channels (because I did get some weird message saying that), and waiting, and waiting, and unhooking and rehooking, and waiting, etc. -- remember, for about an hour, I finally called Customer Service, and was eventually given to a tech again. I was on the phone with him for about 2 hours. Turned out, they have to actually plug some serial/model numbers from the DVR box into your account before the thing will work. WTF. It would have been nice to have known this when I first plugged it in 2-3 hours earlier. Or, better yet, if they had done all of that on their end before sending it to me so it would just "come on". BUT, I still didn't have all my channels, and he couldn't figure out why. SO, I called this morning and spoke to a tech (who said she used to work for Verizon so she knew more (whatever)) and she explained that they sent me the wrong box -- they sent me a Quantum box, and I don't have Quantum service (I told her they should upgrade me to Quantum for free if that was the case), and that was why I was getting the "this channel is unavailable" message. (Which is probably BS because I was getting that message with the old box (which wasn't Quantum), and the channels quit working after I had my service disconnected and reconnected.) She said a tech needs to come to the house. Arg!!! I had her transfer me to someone so I could complain about everything I've been through and see if they could compensate me SOMEHOW just so I could feel "happy" again. So, a customer service rep told me they could give me a $25 credit. I laughed. I said that it was an insult, and I wanted to talk to someone else. I told them I think it's wrong that they are giving new customers a $400 gift card, and that I deserved something like that to "make me whole". She sent me to "someone else" and he put me on hold. I'm thinking he's looking at the record of all the times I've called, the issues for those calls, the length of the calls, the fact that I'm still having problems, etc., but I guess not because he gets back on the phone and says, "In light of the previous credits, we can't give you anything else." I ask, "What credits?" thinking I've missed something on my bills somewhere, and he says, "The $25 credit given to you today." Again, I laughed. I was nice, but he (and everyone else today) got a piece of my mind about their shoddy service, and insulting compensation. They don't care.

From today --

I've been through the worst nightmare. I've been threatening to switch for months. They even know I had another service out to my house one day and chickened out at the last minute. They've done nothing to help me out. A couple of weeks ago, after hours of being on the phone with them, shoddy service/reception, having techs out, etc., I got a manager on the phone and asked them to do something for me -- give me a credit or something. They insulted me with a $25 credit. LOL! As a matter of fact, I just found out that there has been 2 accounts open in my name (long story!) due to the tornado and me having to suspend my account at the "old" house and a month later set up an account at the rent house (at the time with Verizon), and then switch to Frontier happened in March or April. Immediately, I received an invoice from Frontier saying I owed close to $400. I thought that was strange because I had a credit with Verizon because I had accidently overpaid on my last invoice (due to a glitch in the system with the upcoming transfer to Frontier), and tried to contact them about it, but with all the idiots and trouble they had in those early months, of course, no one did anything. It finally got up to $1,300, even though I've been making payments on-line, so I called them again yesterday, and that was when we figured out there were 2 different accounts in my name -- one for my "old" address and one for the rent house. (I was on the phone with them a total of 3 hours yesterday!) So, they called me back this morning after reconciling the 2 accounts and they say that I still owe $600. LOL! I told them to just turn me over to collections. They're not getting another dime from me. I'm fixing to transfer to another service (not sure which yet, probably the one who can get to me on the next available Saturday). Frontier is the WORST! They don't give a flip about their customers, especially the older ones who came over with Verizon. And, if anyone actually read through all of this, I appreciate you listening. I think I'm going to copy and paste this to Frontier's FB page. AND, I left out how I haven't even been getting all the channels I'm supposed to be getting (and have been paying for) for the last couple of months because when I had the other service out to install and chickened out, I had actually had Frontier terminate my service. When they reinstated it, they didn't give me back all my channels. I've just not wanted to call and deal with that. Actually, I asked about it yesterday when we were working on the accounting issue, and was told I would need to call back and talk to the Tech Department. *sigh* (And, I know, I'm an *** for trying to stick with them. Just fear of the unknown I guess.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: When it was verizon, Reps nice but no results, Customer service was nice.

I didn't like: Entire experience with customer service and reliabilit, Hours on the phone with no resolution, Possible hidden charges, This company, All the problems since they took over, Hours spent on the phone and on chat, Being charged for 2 accounts, Not willing to compensate me for troubles.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1222832
Frontier Communications Verified Representative

Hello. I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal you have been through with your TV service as well as your account and billing issues.

We are here to help and can certainly assist you with these concerns.

Please send us an email to with the subject ATTN: Tim/Krystle so my team can help with a resolution. (We are the same team that manages Frontier's Facebook page if you prefer assistance there.) -Krystle

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