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Here is a letter I have written to Cecilia McKenney, EVP, Chief Customer Officer:

Dear Ms. McKenney,

I am writing you as a former customer to share with you the unbelievably frustrating experience I had with Frontier. Since I understand you are responsible for customer experience strategy as well as customer care and support, I thought you might be interested in hearing my experience. That is of course this letter does get to your hands.

I own a small and well known antiques concern in Woodbury, CT. Like many small businesses, especially those of us in the traditional antique segment, the past eight years has been a difficult time. Naturally, lowering costs with flat sales is the first order of business. I am loyal to those companies and suppliers who have helped me achieve this.

However, when there is dishonesty with costly results, I take exception, which is what occurred when a Frontier representative with the name Dan at 1-866-491-5288, ext. 2125113, slammed us (I believe that is what the DOJ calls this activity) into a new contract that we did not request on 29 December 2015. My secretary called that day to renew a contract for my business that Dan had set up with me a year earlier on 28 December 2014. (As an aside, we document all our calls with after-action reports that include names of participants, dates, discussions, and outcomes. It is something I brought over from my consulting days.)

What should have been an easy renewal of a contract instead became eight months of run-arounds, confusion, blatant lies and apathy. I guess the best way to sum up the customer experience with Frontier’s customer support is to compare it to the Abbott and Costello routine, Who’s on first?

Now, I could go on point for point on what happened, when and with whom. As I said, we document every call so I can share with you the names of representatives, their supervisors and what they said, what they promised, and what they failed to deliver; but that would be about five more pages of information that you do probably do not have time to read or want to read. It is available you want it.

Maybe my experience is an outlier and there is nothing that should be done. However, the inconsistency in the information I was provided and the lack of customer care, would probably point to something that is more systemic.

What I find most interesting is that Frontier is charging me for the early cancellation of a contract to which I did not agree. I gave Frontier numerous opportunities to correct their mistakes. In the end, my patience wore out and I changed phone service. Yet, Frontier wants to charge me for the slamming and poor and confusing customer support.

There seems to be consistency in customer complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1200284
Frontier Communications Verified Representative

Hello. I am very sorry for your experience and to hear that we lost you as a customer.

If you are still experiencing a billing concern, we can certainly assist you. Please send us an email to with the subject of ATTN: Tim/Krystle so our team can help you get any issues resolved.


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