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Back in the spring of 2017 we went from standard time to Day light savings time. All the computers and mobile phones updated the time automatically with the exception of Frontier Communications in Tampa Fl.

I don't know if any other area was affected, as I live in the Tampa Bay Area. We contacted Frontier . I was informed by customer service that it must be my phone. Following numerous attempts to change my time with negative results, as the time went back to the regular time when a phone call came in.

I was informed by Frontier that they discovered that it was their software and that they will correct it and that it won't happen again. I chalked it up to growing pains as Frontier was trying to get it together as they took over from Verizon.. But this fall it is happening again. The phone keeps going back to Daylight Savings Time.

When is Frontier going to get their act together.

Frontier, please bite the bullet, and purchase the correct software. Maybe you can check with Verizon, they may have the software.

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There is a setting on all phones that tell it to ignore the network time and set it like the VCR you might be more familiar with.

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