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I am a person who is very patient and it will take a long time for me to get upset or angry but FRONTIER make me so mad today after I talked to one of the frontier employee. They said that when you are mad...you are not supposed to say anything and wait for you to calm down. But this people , company are horrible especially the CUSTOMER SERVICE. They don't know what they are doing that I need to pay for the service for $190 that I never got in the first place and it's all because of their poor service. They are robbing people for money for the service that it's their fault.

First we switched with them to get a less expensive internet, TV and phone ...so I called the customer service and got the order that was maybe in the middle of January. I told her that I want to keep our same number from our old phone company. Then they said it will be installed within 2 days. I waited and nobody came. So I called them after 3 days and asked about the people that will install the service. And the customer service said, she cannot find an order and so she created another order and I told her I want to keep our old phone number. She said no problem. So the installer came after few days and said we need to call their customer service that we like to keep our old number and it will be easy. So we did...and the customer service said that she need to create another order to transfer our old number. And she said she will cancel the old order that we have right now. So we trusted her that she will do it...and they installed this new order. So when the number is already working we called our old phone company to disconnect our service and they said that FRONTIER need to contact them so that they can close our account. We called frontier again and told them about our old phone company said and they said that they did their part already and it's our old phone company's job to do. Basically we called back and fort for a few days because we are working people and Frontier is not available after 8PM. Finally there is a customer service at FRONTIER that finally fixed the problem and submitted the final documents needed. So after almost 2 months we finally close our account with our old phone company and never paid them a cents. Then...after a month...we receive 2 bills at frontier, the new order and the old one that was February. So we called the customer service and asked about the other bill. And they said …it's still active so we need to call the disconnection department to disconnect it. So that's what we did. But after another month...we receive a bill again from the old order. And the customer service that we talked this time thought that we have 2 orders. So we explained what happened that the previous customer service kept on creating an order...basically it was an error on their part. And so they said they will dispute the bill …that was March. After another month which is last month (April) we received a note that they will report our bill to the collecting agency because we haven't paid it. So we called customer service again and said they will dispute it. Every time we called FRONTIER...we've been explaining to them all that happened from the very beginning.

Then last night I received another bill, same old bill that we need to pay the $190. And then I received their call tis morning. Saying that we need to pay it because it was noted that we called to disconnect the service after 30days in which we used their service for a moth and we need to pay it. I told the guy again what happened...but no CARE for them. All they want is their money. They don't care what really happened that it is not our fault but it's their CUSTOMER SERVICE FAULT! That money....I can buy a lot of milk and bread for my family and this FRONTIER they will just take your money and robbed you. Don't TRUST them and don't go with them. If there is an other internet service provider...just go there even if you pay extra. It will give you a peace of mind and you will never get upset...you will never sin by getting angry at FRONTIER.

For FRONTIER management... I hope you are happy robbing people like us. They said it's just a money...but we earned that money with our sweat and blood. We can rather use that money to buy more food to our table or we can donate it to other people that are hungry or homeless. You should fix your customer service people or fire them. Very poor service...they don't know what they are doing. Why is it your customers need to pay for the dumb thing that they've been doing.

I am going pay for that bill but I wish there'll be no more people who will experience the same thing that we've experience from you! I will be going to disconnect our service today. I don't care if we don't have internet for a few days. I just want to get rid of your guys in our lives so we can move a long and have peace. I'll say I FORGIVE you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frontier Communications Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Frontier Communications Cons: Customer service, Customer service is horrendous, Aggravating experiences.

  • poor training
  • Inability To Fix
  • Supervisors Are Useless
  • They Will Take Your Money
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Wait until you get a bill from the collection agency. Then tell the agency exactly what happened and that services were NEVER delivered under that contract.

Tell them that if they persist you will file against the collection agency under FCRA and your state's Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Explain that if they persist that they will become the responsible party harming you.

Ask them to RETURN the file to the originator as FRAUDULENT documents. DTPA in most states allows for 2-many times recovery of an illicit bill, plus attorney expenses and court costs and possible punitive above that amount