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I was charged a late charge on my 2/7/20 billing. My checking acct says I paid $75.73 but billing credited payment of $75.43.

Was charged a $9.00 late charge plus tax on this 30 cent difference. Called and late charge was removed plus the taxes. Representative said the credit was $11.54 and to pay $76.03 which I immediately did that day.

Received my 3/7/20 billing. Again a late charge of $9.00 and a balance forward of $2.54 which probably is the taxes credited from the month before.

Called again, representative was Noah. Noah claims there is not a record of me calling the month before on my account, and told me that the late charge was a legitimate fee.

Said only thing he could do for me, was to have a research done on my call of 2/19/20 the date I made the call.

This was a week ago, and I am still waiting for a representative to call me back.

As my bill is due 3/31/20 I will be paying the amount of the billing, to eliminate more late fees, but I feel I have been treated very unfairly by a Company that has never waited for a payment. $9.00 plus tax is a hefty amount for a 30 cent discrepancy on my 2/7/20.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Frontier Communications Cons: Customer service and billing practices.

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Hello Rita, We can take a deeper look into what is going on with the late fees, credit adjustments, and the review request for that call. To get started on this, please reach us directly via Facebook ( or via the message option on our Twitter profile ( -Christina

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