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Update by user Aug 25

Yet another hour call trying to resolve the next issue. For some reason the automated billing system added the next next month charges.

The agent told me that it shouldn't have. BUT it did she told me there was nothing she could do. It SHOULD auto correct after 3 cycles. The statement showed when I ended service.

I asked to be transferred to yet another person and had the same result.

It's been 2 months and the next bill shows that I still owe money. how stupid !

Original review posted by user Jun 29

After 6 Long phone calls this week, I got some local help. Thanks to a co-workers sister that still works in the area.

The issue actually started months ago. Over the past year, twice I tried to reduce my phone/dsl bill. First rep told me there wasn't anything better, 2 nd serv. rep tried to UP sell me on faster internet.

Telling me the frequent drops we experience would be resolved. Sounded like a lie, from someone that needed to meet a quota or commission? I talked with the IT guy I work with and he didn't see how that would help. I'm in a rural area on the fringe of being able to get dsl, verizon cell service, so we deal.

My son was told that they are over subscribed so it drop one person to give access to another. Finally I go on line and the service I'm paying $85 for is available for $37.99 plus tax. Time to port out my 30 year phone number to magic jack. Well frontier shut off my dsl as well on monday.

Telling me that my account was attached to my phone number. They made me open a new account and was going to charge me $75 to come check my lines. SOMETHING that was just fine before they closed my account. It took 2 days to get the account opened and was told unless I let them charge my credit card $45 they wouldn't process it.

Turns out Samantha entered my birthday wrong and my credit score didn't show. I reminded her that I'd been had the original phone number with frontier for over 30 years. There must of been to many bells already going off in her head, that she missed the one saying something must be wrong with the data she entered ??? The next day I finally get to some one that tells me that it's not normally here responsibility, but she'd help.

She confirmed my information and that's when we found out that Samantha had entered the birth date wrong. Everything started to move FINALLY. My credit card payment is being refunded and I scheduled the install appointment for friday. I get a txt from my son before 3pm yesterday telling me the service tech was leaving and he'd be back sometime Saturday.

Back on the phone with Cody, he tells me that the technician SHOULD be back sometime in the morning. "Normally that means between 8 am and noon". He tells me that the " technician had left for an EMERGENCY" This was later confirmed by supervisor. My son returned home from a doctors appointment and we discussed the technician leaving.

The technician had told my son, the manager wouldn't allow him to finish the job because it would have put him on overtime. There were other lies from customer service as well. The technician had to run new lines. What BS !

I originally had 2 phone lines coming to the house. Oh yeah and they are buried cable. there are NO new trenches. SO sad to have deal with corporate liars.

I returned a voice mail that was left from the local corporate office. In 10 minutes she called me back, she had talked to the local service manager and confirmed the technician was on the schedule for first thing today. Something I ask the corporate customer service to do and they wouldn't/couldn't ??? Here I sit waiting for the service guy to show up because they wouldn't pay an hour of overtime.

Wasting my saturday when I have plenty of other things I SHOULD be doing. Hoping they show early.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Frontier Communications Cons: Corporate customer service useless and lies.

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Hello PureHornedFrog339, I apologize for the trouble you have recently experienced after porting out your phone number. Please let us know if you need any assistance after the tech visit on Saturday.

We are here to help if you need a hand. -Christina