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I live close to my mother. She needed her router fixed after a storm came threw. She had work that day and asked if I could watch for the frontier worker to come and asked if I could let him in. I told her I would and asked if she knew when they would be comming. They didn't give her a time because of all the houses they had to visit. As I was cooking breakfest for my family the frontier guy showed up at my mother. I walked over and and told him who I was and asked if he needed to be let into the house. He said he had some work to do outside and it would be awhile before he had to go in. Seeing that I was in the middle of cooking I asked if he would take my number and call when he needed in. He told me that would be fine and I left to go back to my morning. Awhile later he pulled into my drive way, I walked outside to see what was going on. Insted of calling he just stopped by. It wasnt a big deal so I walked over and let him in. I stood there making small talk about the storm and how much they had to fix. About 30 minutes later he was finished. When he went to leave he asked if I would be interested in going out to dinner. I told him I was engaged and politly declined his offer.

The next morning I woke up to a text message from a weird number. It said " Goodmorning beautifu." I asked who it was only to find out it was the worker from the day before! I ignored the texted only to get a few more asking if everything was "OK". I never responded to him.

My Fiance and I desided to get internet service and frontier is the only one in our area we could get. I called and started the process to get it hooked up. It was a week after the storm and there were still alot of damage so I figured we would have to wait awhile to get it hooked up. They sit up the apt for a month later. I didn't say anything about the man who used my phone number to txt me. A month later on my apt date I got a phone call from frontier saying they would have to push my apt back another week or two. I was aggervated but waited. When they showed up 1 month and 3 wks after I payed. It was that guy! I tried to be friendly when he told me in a rude way it will take 14 days to get someone out there to run the lines. I had enough, I told him how long ive been waiting and to cancel the service and give me my deposit back. I called to complain about my whole experience with this company only to find out the guy canceld my service before he came out to my home. They were very consurned about what he had done. They told me they could get someone out to my home to hook up my internet withen a week. I told them that would be fine only if they wouldn't allow that guy to come to my home at any point ever again and only if they would be able to get it hooked up and working withen a week.

In two days I had internet.

A week ago my internet got shut off. I was confused because I never recieved a bill.I called countless times to see what was going on. Apparently my address was wrong. Each person I spoke with told me they fixed it. Once my internet got shut off I called to see what was going on. They still had the wrong address. I told them I was told numerouse times that my address was fixed. I had to pay over 200.00 dollers to get it turned back on -__ - This company is so annoying. I get so much attitude when I call in. I figure the whole "Hook up" delays and problems were the techs fault. The company had no clue. The address not being changed were the people I spoke with. Im sure the higher up's of this corp. has no clue of any of this. I would suggest them take some of the millions they make to hire secret callers and customers to *** out the people who make this company and bad company.

Review about: Frontier Communications Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Frontier has the worst Internet & customer service ever

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