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[becky] can you provide a tracking number for the dvr?

[Mark] Thank you for contacting Frontier Internet Chat Support. My name is Mark, and I will be assisting you.

[becky] Thank you

[Mark] I am looking into that for you now. I appreciate your patience as I work to resolve this issue.

[Mark] tech is currently set to be there on friday.

[becky] a tech? they said they were sending me a new dvr. nothing was said about a tech coming out.

[Mark] not sure about that, ticket says customer requested for a tech visit, but you just need a new dvr?

[becky] they said my dvr was the issue and theyd

[becky] send out a new one and it would be there in 2 business days

[becky] i did ask her if a tech could transfer our recording from the old one to the new one if we got the old one running

[becky] she said to wait till i got the dvr

[becky] please don't tell me they havent shipped a dvr

[Mark] if a tech comes out the'll have a dvr with them

[Mark] but they may have also just not changed the notes and the dvr is probably still on the way

[becky] so you cant verify if one was sent. that info has to be somewhere

[becky] did the ticket say why a tech was to come out?

[Mark] ticket is set for tech to be out friday

[becky] unbelievable. so far i am not at all impressed with frontier's support. first i called saturday b/c the dvr was acting up. he tells me to call back on the 11th b/c their out of stock. i call monday and the first woman tells me she'll call me back. 5pm i call again and the next woman can't find any info on my previous call and she would look into it and call back. 8pm still no call. call back and hold for 20 and can barely understand the woman with an accent and she just tells me to call back and hangs up. call again the guy says he finds something and then sends me to another *** and i hold for 45 minutes. i am seriously considering terminating my account.

[becky] now you tell me that there's just a ticket for a tech to come out friday which i have not scheduled. who says i'll be available friday.

[becky] hello?

[Mark] Is there anything else I can help you with today?

[becky] yes you can look into this and find out if a dvr was shipped.

[becky] online the ticket said its scheduled for completion today

[becky] doesn't say anything about a tech on friday

[Mark] the ticket 1600986 is set for april 15 for a technician to come out, that is the only ticket that I see on your account

[becky] does it say why a tech is coming out?

[becky] Completion Date:Estimated April 14, 2016

[becky] what does the date online say today

[Mark] it says you requested the tech

[becky] she told me to call back to request the tech after I got the new dvr

[becky] what time is this tech supposed to be out?

[becky] r u looking into it or just ignoring me b/c you don't want to deal with it

[Mark] our tickets do not have times just days i'm afraid

[becky] so i'm just supposed to be home and available all day?>

[becky] hello?

[becky] have you looked into the account for any equipment orders or other information other than the ticket number i gave you?

[Mark] the only ticket on your account is for the tech to come out this friday

[becky] like i said i'm just supposed to be home all day?

[becky] waiting?

[becky] hows it work with you folks. verizon would give me a window and then call 30 min out

[Mark] the tech will contact you when they are coming out, you can stay at home or leave, that

[Mark] that's up to you

[becky] guess they'll have to wait till i get there

[becky] i can see you're not to concerned about this situation just like everyone else there.

[becky] does anyone there know what there doing?

[becky] does anyone actually do what they say they'

[becky] re going to do? b/c so far no one has

[Mark] maam the tech will be there friday, i'm afraid that's all I can do for you right now.

[becky] so were with out a dvr that we're paying for, for 6 days

[Mark] as I said earlier, the tech will have DVRs with him, when he gets there if he did not come out specifically for that you can tell him you need one.

[becky] how's he supposed to know what he coming out for?

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